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Marvel Characters – Comics Compared to Movies

MArvel Characters

Comic books are perennially popular, with a global fan base. In fact, the British Library has even hosted specific comic book exhibitions to reflect this huge popularity and this success has also been translated on to the big screen. Hollywood has indulged in a range of superhero films in recent years, most notably in the Avengers series, which had films like Thor and Hulk as precursors. Despite the popularity of these films, some hard core fans find the films disingenuous to the original comics. Gala Casino caters for comic book fans with their array of Marvel games on site and in keeping with this, they have put together a list of differences between some of the most notable and iconic characters in their film and comic book interpretations.

Iron Man

One of the most prominent superhero film series is that of Iron Man. Tony Stark has captured a new generation of fans due to Robert Downey Jr’s interpretation of the character. Tony Stark is a young, rich playboy who has taken control of his father’s weapons business, however, Stark is captured by terrorists while on a weapons test and they are wanting him to build a weapon for them. After constructing a chest plate, or a new heart as some may say, Stark creates the Iron Man suit as a way of breaking free.

A number of differences are apparent between the films and the comic books. Take for example, Obadiah Stane. Played by Jeff Bridges, Stane in the films is a good friend of Stark’s. However in the comic books their relationship is less than amicable. Stane attempted to seize Stark International for his own ends utilising dirty tactics.

In the film it is Pepper Potts, Tony’s assistant, that becomes his girlfriend, but in the comics Pepper actually falls in love and marries Happy Hogan, Tony’s chauffeur.

MArvel Characters


Possibly the most popular superhero that Marvel have to offer is Wolverine, but even he differs in the films to the comic books. Hugh Jackman has done well in portraying the adamantine warrior to a new generation of fans. One crucial difference between the comic book and the films is Wolverine’s regeneration ability. In the films, he can regenerate with ease. This is contrasted with the comic books where to heal requires intense concentration and even meditation.

Wolverine is seen as the leader in many of the X-Men films and if often pushed to the forefront. In the comics however, Wolverine is a bit of a loner and choses to do things without the aid of his team. Instead it is Cyclops that leads the X-Men in the comic books.

Marvel Characters
Charles Xavier

The leader of the X-Men is Charles Xavier. His origin story differs greatly in the films to the comic book. In the film X-Men: First Class it is revealed that Xavier loses the use of his legs as a result of a deflected bullet courtesy of Magneto in the final battle. However, in the comic books (which are generally more adventurous in a narrative) he loses the use of his legs as a consequence of foiling an alien named Lucifier’s scheme. The alien proceeds to crush Xavier’s legs beneath a giant boulder.

Marvel CharactersIn two of the most recent X-Men films, Mystique and Professor X are shown to know each other from childhood, and Mystique is even Professor X’s adopted sister. This differs greatly from the comic and the two have never shared such a long standing history.

​Gala have brought a more extensive list of superheroes into question on their site so you can see which superhero is the closest to their comic book counterpart. The differences are intriguing, although perhaps the diehard fans should not take it to heart when characters do not translate well from format to format. There are logical reasons behind the changes and after all, Marvel (the creators) seem to be happy enough with them.

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