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Marvel Comic Review: Nightcrawler #2 – spoiled


Nightcrawler #2

Claremont, Nauck, Rosenberg


I will most certainly be SPOILING!

Last month was characterized by discovery and the timely rescue of Kurt’s love, Amanda. This month’s issue of Nightcrawler begins less focused on the present, and more focused in the past. We learn a bit about Nightcrawler’s time with Der Jahrmarkt, the German circus that was his home and his family before the X-Men. Amanda has been his best friend from infancy, and the night she became a trapeze star, his greatest love.


When Amanda casts her spell to find their “mother” they end up in the same town that Xavier had saved Kurt all those years ago, which also happens to be the home of the circus troupe in the off season. He first sends his bamfs on recon and finds a café to sate his hunger. During this interlude, we hear a bit about the seemingly newfound tolerance of the town, and about the night Amanda took the trapeze. The two lovers nearly argue, which is to be expected, since Trimega disrupted their reunion.


The Bamfs return just in the nick of time, derailing the argument and relaying the location of Der Jahrmarkt. Amanda teleports them there and they are immediately beset by fire. What follows is a particularly interesting fight scene involving several of Kurt and Amanda’s old friends, who have apparently not gotten he memo that he is no longer dead. The combat is a little one sided until Nightcrawler flexes his strategy muscle and causes enough of a lull in the violence to convince his former family that he is exactly who he says he is.

The big top hosts the troupes reunion and the flame thrower discusses the theological ramifications of coming back to life. To change the subject, Kurt brings up that they are looking for Margali. Kurt and Amanda discuss Trimega and his attempt to capture her using particularly effective technology. None in the troupe know a thing about Trimega…that is, until he attacks Haus, the strong man, from behind. Turns out, by racing to protect their friends, they have lead him right to them.

This issue had me right at the beginning. A lot of the Marvel Now titles are showcasing flaws and darker versions of characters. Nightcrawler seems to be showcasing the lighter, more compassionate sides of the character. From the focus on his fun loving and generally happy upbringing, all the way to his knowledge and desire to protect his friends from Der Jahrmarkt, his every move is based on concern for his fellows. What I found to be the most troubling thing about the issue is a moment during the fight with his old friends. Haus is terrifyingly strong and Kurt considers allowing him to land a square punch, considers letting himself die. Once more, his concern for others pushes him to action, but not before the question is posed. If it weren’t for the action he has been in the middle of since his resurrection, how would Mr. Wagner be handling his new circumstances? Only time will tell.

My Rating: 4 / 5

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