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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Origin II #3

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview

Part of building Comic Booked into the #1 place that you go for all things comic book-y is to bring you the news just as soon as it is news. To that end, we have once again teamed up with Marvel Comics to bring you what I am calling “Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview”. These will appear throughout each week as we get the dish on the latest happenings in the Marvel U. Today I received some great artwork from Origin II #3, the continuing story a little hairy man and his search for love, or, as most people like to call it, a beautifully drawn continuation of the origin of Wolverine.

The colossal team of writer Kieron Gillan and artist Adam Kubert continue the story of Wolverine’s origin, slowly uncovering more and more about this much loved yet enigmatic hero. We know from previous hints that Wolverine is heading for a meeting with Nathanial Essex, the man who will become the villain Mr. Sinister. This issue brings that confrontation to a head as Wolverine is caged and experimented on by this madman and can only be saved by a very unlikely person, Creed. Stay tuned on February 26, 2014, to see what happens in this exciting chapter of James Howlett’s life.

Marvel Comics Sneaky PreviewMarvel Comics Sneaky PreviewMarvel Comics Sneaky Preview

Be sure to be back here every day for news, reviews, and feature articles to keep you tuned into the comic world. If you missed it, check out our reviews of the story so far.

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