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Marvel cuts off Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million

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You will no longer be able to mosey on down to your favorite Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million store and pick up single issues of your favorite Marvel Comics. Through our friends over at Good E-Reader, we have confirmed that neither of these two large book retailers will be carrying Marvel issues. A Barnes & Noble spokesperson did state that graphic novels and trade paperbacks will still be available as well as single issues from DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

Why this sudden pull out from Marvel? There is no definite answer coming from the company, just verification that they are no longer able to even order single issues. This seems to fit with some other moves that Marvel has made lately to cut distribution costs for their company. One of those moves was the change of Daredevil from a physical printed book to a digital only product. Could this just be another way for Marvel to refine their distribution channels and not have to deal with unsold issues?

I know that, from my perspective, I would rather go to my local comic shop because I can get there when the comic are put out or have them on my pull, and I don’t have to worry about someone else having read the book I am buying. I am conscious of the quality of my comics, not so much for grading, but because I like them to be in good shape. Maybe I am just weird that way. You can read more about my collecting ideas here. Time will tell what effect, if any, this will have on Marvel Comics.

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