Is Marvel finally publishing new Miracleman comics?

Miracle Man Annual 1

When Marvel Comics finally got the rights for Miracleman (aka Marvelman) from Todd McFarlane (with the help of New York Times best-selling writer and longtime comic book veteran Neil Gaiman), the question on everyone in the comic book community’s collective minds was simple: Will this mean new Miracleman comics?

The answer was a resounding YES, but the question was then presented of BUT WHEN?  And who would bring this classic character back to life, much like Alan Moore and a host of others did back in the 1980s?

Miracle Man Annual 1 Variant

Well, the answer is coming this New Year’s Eve with the release of Miracleman Annual #1.  Writers Peter Milligan and Grant Morrison will be joined by artists Mike Allred, Joe Quesada, Gabrielle Dellotto, and Jeff Smith.  And though this creative team is definitely one that impresses everyone, it still raises two more questions that we all want answers for:

1. Will this bring more new Miracleman stories?

2. Will this be a story worth waiting for since 2009?

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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Has much as I want to see Miracleman continue, I have grave doubts whether Marvel Comics can do it justice; Miracleman Annual *1 wasn’t that good and at present it doesn’t look like their recovering the entire mythos.

There is such good characters as Captain Miracle, Captain Universe, Kapitan Mirakell, El Karim, El Superhombre, Jack Ketch, and the delectable Owlwoman going to waste!

And why hasn’t Marvel republished the Captain Britain / Rick Moran pages?

Buck yourselves up Marvel, you can do better!

Best of luck!


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