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Marvel NOW! Mashup Review: Fantastic Four #1, All-New X-Men #1, and Thor #1


A couple days ago saw the release of new books for three great sagas by Marvel NOW!: The Fantastic Four #1, the All New X-Men #1, and Thor #1. Let’s ask some of our writers and see how these new adventures add up!


Fantastic FourFantastic Four #1 – Regardless of how you felt about Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four, you can’t deny the man changed the Fantastic Four forever with the Future Foundation. While that title seems to be very separated from the Marvel Now! version of Fantastic Four, it will be interesting to see The World’s Greatest finally be back as a small family. When Marvel said they were going to change things up with the writers being switched around to different titles, there was a feeling of excitement in the air when Matt Fraction was announced as the new writer for the coveted title. I am here to say Fantastic Four does not disappoint. Fraction found a new take on Mr. Fantastic while keeping with the fun enjoyment we have come to expect from the Fantastic Four. Some interesting developments have started taking place as Reed realizes time is running out and they have to make the most of it. I won’t give away any big spoilers except that the very first page is a huge spoiler, as it states one year later; accompanied by a picture that is worth a thousand words. With the very talented Mark Bagley (one of my favorite artists), Fantastic Four is definitely a title worth reading! This is the book Fraction was born to write. – Nick Taylor


X-MenAll New X-Men #1 is two things. First thing, it is a refreshing thought knowing X-Men finally has a new main title. Yes, we still have X-men: Legacy/Wolverine and The X-Men/Uncanny X-Men/blah blah blah but at least there is a key book to read so that you can follow the X-Men. Two, this series is going to be absolutely brilliant because it is written by the very talented Brian Michael Bendis. All New X-Men shows three different perspectives: Cyclops and his Extinction Team, The X-Men, and the Original X-Men. Somehow, someway, all these stories meshed very well without seeming to steal the show or losing any key members any face time. By this point, it is no big secret that Beast has decided to get the original X-Men to attempt to change the future. The story has been done before yes, but this time Scott Summers is the main adversary. How past Scott will handle this is one of fifty things that drives me to keep reading this book. Best thing about this issue? No Wolverine. I’m not a Wolverine hater, but Marvel shoves him into every single book they can! All New X-Men is everything I wanted and more. It completely exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see where Bendis plans to go with this. – Nick Taylor


ThorThor #1
Going back to the Norse times was a great start to Thor. It showcased the history of the character – how the myth of Thor was created and populated. It then took a twist I was not expecting – Thor, being prayed to by a being from another world but in current day. I have rarely seen Thor answer prayers within the pages of Marvel, but this time he did in such a way that reminds the reader that he truly is a god and listens to the prayers of the people. We then see a third Thunder God – that of Thor in the future, ruling over Asgard. In all 3 eras he encounters dead gods, and so begins the journey to discover who (or what) can truly kill a god.

Jason Aaron has put Thor a little more back into his mythological roots with the story, not forgetting the fact that Thor originated as a god to an ancient people. But what truly made this issue was the gorgeous artwork from Esad Rubic and Dean White. Each of them could probably have pulled off a good book; together, and with Aaron, they did something amazing: They made me give a damn about Thor as a character again, beyond whirling his hammer around and shouting “I say thee NAY!” – Kelly Cassidy


It sounds like you can’t go wrong with these three books! Be sure to check them out for your weekend reading, and you won’t regret it.

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Comments (6)

I have all 3 but only read Thor so far (as you can see above) but I'm really looking forward to the X-Men franchise and the changes that Bendis has in store!

All New X-Men definitely became an instant favorite of mine. It seems to be bringing the overall mutant and human conflict back to its roots.

I have not read it but I bought a ton of All New X-Men just so I could get the Quesada Sketch variant if that counts. 🙂

I am so glad I can finally talk about the All New X-Men. I got to read it early at comic con and I loved it a lot!


I'm really digging these covers, but nothing I hear about these books at all screams "oh my god I need this book!"


I picked up Fantastic Four and Thor. Fantastic Four was not very well done, in my opinion, and really not a good example of a First Issue. It should have just continued the numbering.

Thor… I expected Thor to be a total train wreck with the jumping from past, present and future but it actually turned out pretty good. Not worth $3.99 a month and that "AR" crap annoys me to no end but not a total failure.

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