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Marvel Preview: The End is FOURever


There have been rumours and now we know it is true… the Fantastic Four is ending. Not just the series ending ready for another overused ploy at increasing sales through an All-NEW #1. No. This is supposed to really be the end for the Fantastic Four, one of the longest running comic book families and certainly the longest running for Marvel.

Take a look at the short explanation that Marvel has for us and then I will show you some awesome art for Fantastic Four #642 and some other news/rumors surrounding the cancellation.


This January, the countdown begins…and the end of Marvel’s first family is upon us in FANTASTIC FOUR #642 – the first chapter in The End is FOURever! Blockbuster writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk’s epic endgame begins as the Invaders crash headlong into the Fantastic Four and the hunt for Reed Richards and the missing Future Foundation kids takes a dangerous turn! Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the systematic dismantling of the Fantastic Four reveals his ultimate plan. But how does Franklin Richards and his unchecked powers factor in? And why are Jim Hammond, Namor, All-New Captain America and Doc Green hunting the remaining members of the Fantastic Four? Nothing lasts forever. Don’t miss the beginning of the end this January in FANTASTIC FOUR #642!

If you have been following the most recent Fantastic Four series, you know that things have looked a bit bleak for Marvel’s First Family. Johnny has lost his flame powers and with it his fame, Ben is in jail for the murder of The Puppet Master, Reed is working at a secret island lab called Eden but now a prisoner by a mad scientist, and Sue has lost the children and, working with the Avengers, is trying to get them back. Overall, not a happy family portrait. Big changes in the last couple of issues, Ben escapes prison and Redd is now a captive. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am excited to see what is going to happen.

Is there a why behind the end of the Fantastic Four? There is a lot of speculation flying around about this and the most interesting thing I heard was that Marvel had decided not to support films about their characters that they were not producing. This makes a lot of business sense, since Marvel does not currently hold the rights to use the FF characters in movies. You can read more here, but for now, just enjoy this awesome artwork and let us know what you think.

FOURever FOURever FOURever FOURever FOURever

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