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Marvel Preview: Secret Wars 2015

Secret Wars

There has been a lot of speculation of what is going to happen in the Marvel Universe next year. A lot of teasing with covers of series that have already happened, as you can see here. Now we have one more piece of the puzzle as Marvel released this image of Batttleworld, the world created by the Beyonder as an arena for all the Marvel heroes and villains to fight each other during the original Secret Wars which took place starting back in the 1984. Take a look at the image and let us know what you think about it. Are you excited by the prospect of an all out battle between multiple Marvel versions of each character as all the universes collide? Do you have a theory about what may be the cause of it? Click on the image to see a bigger view.

Secret WarsWe can kind of figure that all of this stems from the constant time jumping and blatant disregard for the fragility of the fabric of space and time. It doesn’t help that even Galactus was sucked through a hole into the Ultimate universe. The Watcher is dead, so there is really no one to tell people not to do stupid things anymore. The young X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even the Avengers have hopped all over creation and now… Time Runs Out! Stay tuned for full coverage of Secret Wars from the first shot.

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