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Marvel Secret Wars Update!

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Wondering what is going on with this huge event that Marvel has planned? Well, I will try to give you the lowdown on everything we have so far. Secret Wars is coming. Nothing can stop it… well, short of every person just completely stopping buying anything from Marvel, which won’t happen. All we can do is be ready and enjoy it while it lasts. I am going to try to overload you with images to hopefully raise your excitement level and get some discussion going on this huge event that will literally reshape the world.

To start off, Marvel released three new brand images that will show up on the series included in the this massive event. Check out these images.

secret wars secret wars secret wars

Last Days, Battleworld, and Warzones will each be integral parts of the storyline, not just filler books.

Marvel then announced two of their Free Comic Book Day offerings.

secret wars secret wars

Here is what Marvel had to say about them:

First, Secret Wars #0 brings you a prologue to the most important comic series of 2015! From the all-star creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Paul Renaud, get caught up with the perfect primer for the mega-event of the year, just in time for Secret Wars #1 to hit comic shops the very next Wednesday!

As a bonus, Secret Wars #0 will also contain a special presentation of “Attack on Avengers”, the sought after 8-page Avengers and Attack on Titan crossover, never-before-released in the United States by Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama with art by Gerardo Sandoval!

Then, get ready for a look into the world that’s coming with All-New, All-Different Avengers FCBD! It’s your first taste of the all-new Marvel Universe as a blockbuster top secret Avengers creative team sets out on a new adventure that will have fans begging for more! Who will be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the dust settles from SECRET WARS?  Find out here! This special issue also includes a brand new bonus story by blockbuster writer Charles Soule that previews one of the biggest new titles of 2015 – Uncanny Inhumans!

The next big reveal had to do with covers for the books stamped LAST DAYS.

secret wars secret wars secret wars

The tagline here: “Before the Secret Wars can begin, the Marvel Universe must end.” Ominous, but my curiosity is piqued.

Enter: Battleworld!

secret wars secret wars secret wars secret wars secret wars secret wars

The Inhumans make their stand, the Ultimate Universe meets its end, and Battleworld appears. Each books will detail stories that tie into the main event. Battleworld is a collection of two stories each month about fights within the Battleworld, starting with an interesting looking M.O.D.O.K. story and one where Dr. Strange possesses the Punisher.

That is it for this first installment. Look for more cool stuff next week as I bring you the Marvel Event Pre-Coverage for the super Summer event, Marvel Secret Wars.

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