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Marvel Unlimited wins 2016 Webby Award

Marvel Unlimited
Marvel Unlimited
Marvel Unlimited



The popular mobile application has won a 2016 Webby Award in the category of Entertainment; Mobile Sites and Apps.  The New York Times has called this award “The Internet’s highest honor”  This year, 2016, marks the twentieth anniversary of the Webby Awards – launched in 1996 -and for this 20th outing received 13,000 entries from almost every state in the United States as well as of 65 countries across the globe.

The “Mobile Sites and Apps” category is judged based upon specific criteria ” Content, Structure & Navigation, Visual Design, Functionality and Interactivity”.  This subcategory is within “entertainment” From the Webby website; “Mobile sites, or apps developed for the distribution of entertainment content, such as sports, games, news, gossip, humor and reviews. These may be offshoots of established broadcast or online news and entertainment operations, or developed specifically for the mobile device.”

NYT Quote
NYT Quote

The Marvel Unlimited App by Marvel Entertainment contains over 17,000 comic books which span over 70 years of Marvel Comics history for $9.99 per month. The app itself is updated weekly with new content, regularly features various themes and characters and allows you to save multiple books on multiple devices.  In addition, the Marvel Unlimited Plus package gives exclusive content and benefits.



The Webby Awards are an international award celebration which are judged and presented by an international academy of arts and sciences in the digital medium.  From their website; “The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences was founded in 1998 (2 years after Webby’s birth) to help drive the creative, technical, and professional progress of the Internet and evolving forms of interactive media.”  There are two levels of Academy panel. The first is the associate academy which comprises former winners and nominees and the Executive Academy which consists of such individuals as Jimmy Kimmel, Questlove, Vine founder Russ Yuospov, Kevin Spacey, writers from NYT, Wired, Vibe, Twitter founder Biz Stone and Tumblr’s David Karp, among others.

Congratulations to Marvel and the Marvel Unlimited team!

 The Marvel App can be downloaded via iTunes HERE.
The Marvel App can be found in the GooglePlay Store HERE.

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