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Marvel: War of the Realms Teaser

war of the realms

I have been following Thor and his crew on and off for the last several years and there have been some really great stories. The art, covers, and secondary characters have really added to the depth of a story about some god from Asgard coming to Earth as punishment from his father, Zeus, and changed it into a story with real heart and the feeling of family, fun, and human interaction that Marvel has done a great job of capturing in their films, as of late.

If you have been reading the Thor titles for the last couple of years, things have been building to this war. First, you had what happened in Original Sin with the reveal that Thor had a sister, Angela from the 10th realm that Odin had sealed off from the World Tree. Then, you had the events around the new Thor, who was revealed to be Jane Foster, who died, but was returned from Valhalla. I kind of stopped reading Thor after that, so I am a little behind.

But, you have to admit that this image looks really cool. Click to see a larger version.


I know the first issue came out lasts week, and I will pick it up, I promise, but this image was pretty cool.

We just hope this year’s Marvel event is worth checking out. Let us know on our Facebook page how you feel about this new event.

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