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MARVEL’s Avengers: Infinity War – Thanos’ Origin Explored


ThanosAt this point, it is no secret that the origin story for Avengers: Infinity War “big bad” Thanos was cut from the final edit. But if you’re not familiar with the story of the Mad Titan, fear not, because you will still have access to the MCU version of his story.  ‘New York Times Best-selling Author’ Barry Lyga wrote a novel for Hachette Book Group called ‘MARVEL’s Avengers: Infinity War: Thanos: Titan Consumed” which will explore MCU Thanos’ backstory (this makes it an official movie tie-in). In fact, in a recent interview Anthony Russo (Director) spoke about this very thing;

“We were considering showing [Thanos’] backstory, but ultimately felt it wasn’t necessary for the movie.” The director did try to assuage possible backlash by saying that Inifnity War is still “told from his [Thanos] point of view.”

The cover art for the book appears here with this column. This is the official synopsis for the book:

In Avengers: Infinity War, a threat emerged from the cosmos–Thanos, a ruthless warlord who plans to collect all six Infinity Stones. Joined by his formidable allies, he will be near-unstoppable at achieving his goal. The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man must join forces and fight side by side to stop Thanos while the fate of the Earth and the universe lays in the balance.

In this new original novel by bestselling author Barry Lyga, learn the origins of the most feared force in the universe, and see how Thanos became the Titan consumed by his quest for power.

©2018 MARVEL.

Kevin Feige (the Grandmaster of the MCU) also spoke about Thanos’ origin in a recent interview with EW:

“He’s from a planet called Titan that’s no longer inhabited because of things that he thought he could help prevent, and he was not allowed to do that. What he feared most happened, and the planet and everybody on it basically went extinct. He vowed not to let that happen again. He thinks he sees the universe going down the tubes. He thinks he sees life expanding outward unchecked. That will bring ruin, he believes, to the universe and to that life.”

Avengers: Infinity War will be in theaters on April 27th, 2018.

©2018 MARVEL.

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