The Marvels by Kurt Busiek is Coming May 2020!

Marvels Thumb
Issue One Preview, Art by Yildiray Cinar

A new on-going volume of Marvels in on the way, scheduled for release in May of 2020. It will be written by Kurt Busiek with art by Yildiray Cinar and covers by the legendary Alex Ross.

The scope and scale of Marvels is both epic and awesome. It will span the entirety of Marvel’s storied history. From the Golden Age and the All-Winners Squad of 1947 to today, Marvel’s will be something both grounded and cosmic. It is set to be one of the most grand, sweeping and ambitious projects in Marvel’s history.

As Busiek himself puts it; “THE MARVELS is intended as a freewheeling book that can go anywhere, do anything, use anyone. It’s a smorgasbord of Marvel heroes and history.”

When asked about the first arc for this new story, Busiek responded by telling Anthony Blackwood; “Well, the first issue starts out in Southeast Asia in 1947, shortly after World War II, when trouble was brewing there, and we also get to see Reed Richards before the FF’s flight, Flash Thompson in the Army, classic 1970s Thor and Iron Man fighting monsters, and more. We see the near future, we see an unusual tour of Manhattan, we see the Punisher, we see the return of possibly the least-expected Peter David character ever…”

In 1994, Kurt Busiek teamed up with Alex Ross to make one of the most iconic story arcs in the history of not only Marvel Comics but of comic books as a whole. That story was called ‘Marvels’. Marvels was a story widely regarded as a high-water mark of comic book artistry. It was later revisited in stories like Astro City for Image Comics and Ruins which was written by Warren Ellis. It was a series that won multiple Eisner Awards. If this new volume is anything close, it is on the fast track itself to award city.

Marvels sounds absolutely amazing and a book that everyone should add to their pull lists! For the entire interview with writer Kurt Busiek, check out Marvel.Com at this link:


Written by KURT BUSIEK  


Cover by ALEX ROSS


Kurt Busiek (MARVELS, Astro City) is back, with the biggest, wildest, most sprawling series ever to hit the Marvel Universe, telling stories that span the decades and range from cosmic adventure to intense human drama, from the street-level to the cosmic, starring literally anyone from Marvel’s very first heroes to the superstars of tomorrow. This first issue includes an invasion from orbit, a picnic in Prospect Park, super hero sightseeing in Manhattan, the All-Winners Squad in 1947, Reed Richards during his time in military intelligence, cosmic beings beyond space and time— and that’s only for starters. Featuring Captain America, Spider-Man, the Punisher, the Human Torch, Storm, the Black Cat, the Golden Age Vision, Aero, Iron Man and Thor, and introducing two brand-new characters, all beautifully drawn by Yildiray Cinar (X-MEN, Legion of Super-Heroes, IRON MAN) in the opening act of a thriller that’ll take us across the Marvel Universe…and beyond. Plus: Who (or what) is KSHOOM? It all starts here. And it goes…everywhere.