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Mash Up – GilMarvel Girls


Kicking off a series of mash-ups here at Comic Booked! Maybe not like peanut butter and chocolate, but these are things we thought we could put together. EIC Aaron

Stars Hallow, Connecticut a small town with small time problems. Lorelai Gilmore runs the local Dragonfly Inn, her daughter Rory attends Chilton Preparatory School and has her heart set on attending Harvard, or maybe Yale. However when trouble strikes they transform into the GilMarvel Girls! Armed with super powers and a razor sharp and lightning fast wit they can handle everything Stars Hallow throws at them. Weather it’s combating cheats at the dance marathon, putting an end to Jess’s shenanigans, or maintaining order at town hall meetings they handle it all. That is, until Taylor Droose announces a sinister plot to turn Luke’s Diner into an old time dry goods shop.

Using his ability to manipulate peoples thoughts Taylor Droose assembles an army of townspeople that will surly vote to take over Luke’s Diner at the next town hall meeting, or take matters into their own hands if it gets voted down. Luke’s is a town staple that must be saved. Lorelai and Rory must take action to save their favorite coffee spot. When a dramatic, and pop culture reference filled” speech by the two sway the vote to save Luke’s, Droose’s army rises up. They march from Town Hall towards Luke’s but are met by the Gilmarvels in town square. After a hard fought battle the Droose Army takes the Diner from Luke. Lorelai realizes she needs to go to an unthinkable source for assistance in the fight, her mother. Emily Gilmore agrees to fund anything they need in exchange for Friday night dinners at her house. Lorelai reluctantly agrees, thinking of no worse fate than Friday’s with her mother. Armed with the best equipment money can buy the GilMarvels storm Luke’s! Can they defeat the Droose Army? Has to much remodeling been done to Luke’s? What will happen at Friday night dinners? Oy with the poodles already! Find out when GilMarvel Girls hits a cinema near you Summer 2016.

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