Masks #1 and #2 Kickstarter Spotlight



With all of the Kickstarter’s out there I’m sure it can be hard to weed out really quality projects from the average everyday stuff that seems to be commonplace these days. I always start by reading the page and taking in the premise of the book before I start looking at rewards, this way I don’t waste time looking at rewards for a book I wouldn’t even really want to read. This tagline is simple, but for me personally, it couldn’t get any better. “A post-apocalyptic western with a supernatural twist, inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.” Seriously, I dare anyone to find a word in that sentence that doesn’t inspire goose bumps. Post-apocalyptic, western, supernatural twist, inspired by Dark Tower? I’m done; literally foaming at the mouth waiting for this book. Not only is the idea wonderful but the few previewed art pages look fabulous and fit the description of a post-apocalyptic perfectly.


As I said I usually look at the idea before I start to check out the rewards but with Masks I feel like looking at these rewards regardless is a good idea because Warner and Zeballos have so much to offer there may be something included that strikes a chord with someone even if they have no interest in Masks. There is so much that it almost seems ridiculous, like their just giving up everything, but I have to ask myself if that isn’t just some marketing genius. At first I was sort of upset because I pre ordered Masks #1 from Rats and Crows Publishing but upon inspection they had a supplemented reward tier that was made just for people in my position and they have thrown in some of the other Rats and Crows books in rewards just for good measure. I can’t stress enough how awesome the reward tiers are and how much they offer. It really is worth it for anyone that likes variety. One thing that isn’t put in the rewards is how the value of each book is enhanced by the fact that each book is its own arc in the grand story and each book is about double the size of a single issue. This book is just all around value from every angle.

Masks #1 can still be pre ordered at Rats and Crows Publishing and the Kickstarter is live until October 5th so check it out and support Masks!

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