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Mass Effect Foundation Review Issue #13


Spoiler Free

I am a huge Mass Effect fan, I’ve beaten the trilogy no less than ten times, I name any of my RPG game characters Shepard, I’m working on a N7 armor cosplay and I’m even getting three Mass Effect tattoos. That being said and although I have heard of them, I have never touched one of the comics. Until now that is, the comic I have checked out was Mass Effect Foundation This Aimless Dance. This is issue #13 of the latest Mass Effect series.

It was twenty-four pages of pure awesomeness, well almost anyway. I will admit, trying to figure out where the story fit into the game’s time-line threw me off a little, but towards the end it all came together. The comic follows a character named Rasa, whose name doesn’t appear in the game, but her character does and well, I won’t spoil that. The story goes back and forth being Rasa now and child Rasa. In an attempt to not spoil that as well, I’ll just say one of the characters in child Rasa’s story, was so generic, I didn’t enjoy that part. It was like they picked the most stereotypical antagonist to help develop the main character, it was boring.

The parts that I enjoyed were with present day Rasa and finding out who she was to be in the game. The story takes place in between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. Like most Mass Effect comics and for a good reason, Commander Shepard is only mentioned and not shown. You can’t be Commander Shepard, if they’re showing you who Commander Shepard is in another media. Yes, I am aware that there are two default appearances, but that’s just for people who don’t like seeing themselves in games. The recognizable characters that are shown are Miranda and the Illusive man. The first time Miranda came in I started questioning the time-line, some of the conversations made me that it took place after ME3. It wasn’t until the last panel that I got it straight.

Mass Effect, Miranda
The Badass From ME2

If you happen to be a Mass Effect fan, I highly suggest picking this up. It adds more to a character that plays a role in the story of the Legendary N7 solider. My rating for The Aimless Dance would be a 4/5.


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