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MCU Kevin Feige becomes Chief Creative Officer of Marvel


Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, now has a new job title, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel. For the past Decade or so, Feige been man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a daring experiment which has seen films of various characters from Marvel comics had fit together into a single universe, much the way the comic book titles themselves had fit together, – characters could have single adventures in their own comic book, or in this case, movie, but could then share the pages, or the screen, with other character form the universe, culminating in spectacular events in which many characters could be shown together, resulting in films like revolutionary Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) and this years Avengers: Endgame, which is the number one film of all time in terms of box office numbers. The experiment of threading a narrative across many films, and even many genres, proved successful for Marvel Studios, which is under the Disney umbrella.

As of yesterday, Feige has been promoted: he is now the Chief Creative Officer of all of Marvel. He will continue to report to Alan Horn (chief creative officer of Disney) but all publishing, film, TV and animation for Marvel properties that Disney owns will be placed under his watch. This means that the comic books could possibly have stories directly tied into what is happening with the MCU or the shows. Who knows.. perhaps the actor’s likeness could be further represented in the characters on the comics’ pages going forward. The news comes may in fact confirmed that Jeph Loeb’s reign as head of Marvel Television (which to this point has produced Agents of SHIELD and the various Marvel Netflix shows like Daredevil, Punisher, and others) is in fact ending, as Feige is producing new shows for Disney Plus that tie in directly with the MCU and even feature actors that appeared previously on cinema screens.

His new job title “Chief Creative Officer,” however, seems to describe what he has, to this point, always been doing. Having cut his being involved in some aspects of various projects in the past that related to Marvel, such as working as an associate producer on the first X-Men film many years earlier, his eagerness to create cinema that could use films that could be threaded together to create a shared universe, has become the benchmark of the MCU’s success, and is a formula that many other entertainment properties have tried emulate. His new job title simply confirms that he will have even more active creative involvement at all of Marvel. Though there has been as of late of him producing a Star Wars film for Lucasfilm (also under Disney), and while such an endeavor could sill happen, his latest promotion might preclude any notion of running Lucasfilm in the coming years.

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