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Meet the Adult Content: Why I Chose Sky Doll

sky doll

Comics are best known for their superhero characters. Most people associate those arts with superheroes only. But as the whole comic book genre developed through the years, its audience grew up, too. So when those readers reached a certain age, it became boring to read about Batman and Robin saving kittens from trees and stating “be cool; go to school”. At the same time, writers and illustrators also became more sophisticated, and their art gained new features and opened new horizons.

When you are a kid, it is enough for you to read about exciting but simple adventures and to watch the pictures; you don’t bother about quality and the entire plot too much. But what should a publisher do to engage and hold that old-fashioned audience? Adult content has appeared in comic book genre organically and was just a question of time.

When we mention adult content, we don’t mean just sex and violence. It is a difficult point and requires a broader description. But, yes, the entire story gets a more serious taste. A comic book becomes darker and prosaic as the life of an adult. While you are allowed watching naked flash and murders with blood, you also receive those messages that appeal to every adult.

The story can still be mysterious and fictional, but at the same time, you get some new topics to think about served. For example, religion, money, power, and a role of a human being on this planet, all these topics do not appeal to the younger audience. And there are few series that combine all those messages in one exciting and colorful story. Of course, it is a tough job to read them all, especially if you are a student who does not know about EduBirdie. So, let’s talk about just one novel – Sky Doll and its message to the adult audience.

sky dollSky Doll Creators

Sky Doll is one of the most popular comic book series of the new century. It is a well-crafted satire against politics and modern consumerist society. It was created by Italian authors Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa. Both are longtime collaborators united their forces for W.I.T.C.H. andn Monster Allergy series. Sky Doll was first published in 2000, and since then its chapters appeared very sporadically. Then it was adapted into English by Marvel, and the whole world found out who the hell was Noa.

The Sky Doll is a graphic novel full of bright colors but talking about very dark topics. What is even more attractive, Sky Doll presents corporate consumerism, mass hypnosis by the media, political hypocrisy, and spiritual poverty as the main antagonist of the entire novel. These are very appealing topics for every modern person, and all these points are attacked by the futuristic satire of the Sky Doll series. At the same time, you are reading an exciting fantasy novel with great sexy aesthetic content.

sky dollHere Comes Noa

We may call Sky Doll a dystopia future Odyssey due to its adventures and universe. The very first volume of the novel opens you the main character as it is without any need for studying it intensely. Meet Noa, a naturalistic android with the female body. She was created to work as a sexual toy serving whims of the clients. The society where religious control is absolute, sex with androids is not considerate as a sin.

Noa also asks God to make her life easier. A cool start, isn’t it? A sexy robot girl is talking prayers. It is clear that Noa had no rights at all and doomed to serve to people to the rest of her existence. She is a toy that should be wounded-up every 33 hours by her master. Noa is not a regular android girl. Unlike any other robot, she has one significant error in her brain. Her memory does not erase itself automatically. Nobody fixes that and Noa has all the same questions to think about over and over again.

What else is going on in that fantastic city? Religion rules the ball broadcasting fake news, miracles, and statements that everything is alright. But that wall of happiness begins to crack, and a great riot starts to burn up. The whole story gets some action when Noa sneaks a starship with two diplomatic agents on a secret mission.

One of those agents Roy finds already turned off the doll and again wounds her up. Both agents decide to leave Noa on board and not to delay their mission as they can throw her away anytime they want. The doll from her side starts studying everything she wants and asks questions all the time. While the story goes, Noa and her rescuers become friends, and she helps them with their mission of crushing a heretical religious movement.

sky dollGeneral aesthetics

Sky Doll is not a typical adult content comic series. While it is considered one of the best examples of adult content graphic novels, it is more aesthetic. There is no horrors and mysticism. It’s dystopian and pragmatic view of the future is still colorful and would appeal to more passionate and sophisticated audience. There are no rivers of blood and violent activity. Sky Doll is more about thinking and asking questions.

The whole novel is very cynical while describing the religious power and so-called miracles. It is another adult topic to think about for the modern generation before it is too late. While talking about sexuality and Noa as the product of antagonistic society, authors also do not afraid to play with humor.

The graphic elements also deserve special attention. The entire Lodovica’s world despite its dystopian nature is very colorful and romantic. Architecture and clothing fashion refers to the Baroque style and is very sophisticated. 60’s and 70’s styles also got their place in this universe. Planet Aqua from the second chapter of the series mixes those periods very harmonically.

The whole Sky Doll series has four main chapters published since 2000 up to 2014. Also, there were released few exciting expansions. There are three main prequels. 2002 released Chapter 0: Doll’s Factory told us what was going on before the main story without Noa. And SpaceShip collection #1 had six short stories about Noa and her jobs before the main story. Each of them featured different artists and were created to expand Noa’s backstory.

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