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Memorable Spider-Man Team-Ups


7. Howard The Duck

Strange things happened in comics back in the 70s, and this is no different. The mid-70s brought us some of the strangest titles and fowl-est (see what I did there??) characters to ever grace the covers of Marvel. In 1975, Spider-Man swung his way into the premiere issue of Howard the Duck. Although not exactly the focal point of the entire story, Spider-Man made an impact by simply being there. Howard was someone who no one knew about, having briefly appeared before this issue, but Spider-Man? Everyone knew who he was. And although there were always team-ups, this definitely stands out as being the one that had web-head meet web-foot (pun courtesy of writer Steve Gerber). Thanks to Comic Booked’s own Andrew Taylor for reminding us of this one!

Marvel Comics Howard the Duck

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Wow! I didn't know half of these even existed, especially the Aunt May issue! Was that an actual story arc!?

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