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Memorable Spider-Man Team-Ups


5. Electric Company

For those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, as soon as we graduated from Sesame Street we discovered the Electric Company, generally airing as soon as we got home from school. This TV show had a live-action component that was very comic-book-esque in that there were panels, 1960’s-Batman-style sound effects displayed on screen, but was popular enough that Marvel took the idea and in a cross-company pairing brought Spidey Super Stories to print! Geared towards younger readers (think: the equivalent of the Marvel Adventure books of today), Spidey Super Stories gave us the web slinger teaming up with various other Marvel heroes (which introduced new readers to the greater Marvel U) but also with other characters in the Electric Company TV series, as shown in the cover below! And some of the strangest stories originated from this series…

Spidey Super Stories

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Wow! I didn't know half of these even existed, especially the Aunt May issue! Was that an actual story arc!?

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