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Michael Keaton back in talks for Spiderman: Homecoming!

Keaton back in Spider-man

Keaton back in Spider-man

Variety reports today that Michael Keaton is back in negotiations for the upcoming reboot of Spider-man, Spider-man: Homecoming!  Michael Keaton had reportedly back out of the talks to star as Adrian Toomes, also known as The Vulture for 2017’s franchise reboot.  The dispute which led to Keaton backing out originally centered around the use of Iron Man and Robert Downey, Jr. in the movie and talks between both Marvel and Sony.

Now that the Robert Downey Jr deal is done and closed, studio executives have again turned to Michael Keaton and re-negotiations to close on a deal that will make both parties happy.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be release on July 7, 2017.  The movie is currently in pre-production but once final casting is set, the film can move in to production to meet its deadlines. Directed by Jon Watts, the movie will star Tom Holland as Peter Parker (Spider-man), Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark (Iron Man), Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Disney’s Zendaya as “Michelle” (an as-yet-undisclosed character).  Tony REvolori and Laura Harrier have recently been added to the cast list as well, according to the website IMDB .

Amazing Spider-man #2The movie is speculated to include The Vulture, the alias for a classic spider-man villain named Adrian Toomes.  The Vulture’s first appearance is in Amazing Spider-man # 2.

But this is quite likely not the only villain to star in the movie opposite Tom Holland.  Whether The Vulture is the main villain or a supporting villain to another such as Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin remains to be seen.  Another rumor, as disclosed by Comicbookmovie, indicates that Spider-man will also feature the use of his under arm webbing, something that was made popular by Steve Ditko over the years during his tenure on the title.  In fact, the web use went on a life of its own as young Peter Parker continued to find new and original uses for the webbing, seen here:

Various uses for Spider-man's webbing
Various uses for Spider-man’s webbing
Stay tuned to as further details about the movie continue to develop!

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