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Mid-Winter Gathering – Friends of the Faire


Bristol Renaissance Faire ‘Friends of the Faire’ met 31 January, 2015 for fine food, roasts and toasts, vendors, medieval joking and historic cosplay at the Kemper Center and Durkee Mansion in Kenosha, Wi.     Jacks Cozy Cafe located in Kenosha, Wi catered the event, a social event for the ‘Friends of the Faire.’   Anyone was allowed to attend (that’s how I got in)!   Quite a few vendors present with unique medieval cosplay items for sale.  A handful of attendees were not in costume but the majority of attendees were decked in their party clothes – personal drinking mugs in tow!  Cosplay representation was not only from the Bristol Renaissance Faire regulars but also from the Kenosha Steampunk Club led by Paul Little.   A nice period gathering with incredible food and well done costumes!

Best cosplay of the night has to go to Hagrid and his three headed dog – he was bold and stood solo as the only non-medieval cosplay present!  Represent Hagrid!!!  Fellow Chicago cosplayer Kael Lampe was present as a vendor of dragon eggs, not in her normal garb as a Dovahkiin from Skyrim, (more Kael’s cosplay at Gaelhunter Cosplay).

The Bristol Renaissance Faire opens July 11 through September 7th, 2015 (located at the WI/IL border – 12550 120th Ave, Kenosha, WI).  Membership in the ‘Friends of the Faire’ starts at $40 and gives you free access to water, gatorade and a private gathering place to change, use the facilities and socialize when you attend the faire.  You also get to purchase tickets at will call for $12 per adult!  Sweet deal!  Dates and special costuming listed below:

Weekend 1, July 11 & 12 – Opening Weekend
Weekend 2, July 18 & 19 – Salute to Uniforms & Scouts Weekend
Weekend 3, July 25 & 26 – Holidays in July
Weekend 4, August 1 & 2 – Fantasy Weekend
Weekend 5, August 8 & 9 – Steampunk Invasion & Bonus Ticket Weekend
Weekend 6, August 15 & 16 – Bacchanal Weekend
Weekend 7, August 22 & 23 – Pride Weekend
Weekend 8, August 29 & 30 – Swashbuckler Weekend
Weekend 9, September 5/6/7 – Closing Weekend & Labor Day
Monday September 7 – Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday!


Mid-WInter Gathering1
Chef Mark Beutel, owner of Jack’s Cozy Cafe
Mid-WInter Gathering3
The crowd dispersing to go back to the main hall for revelry
Mid-WInter Gathering4
Nice leather work and couple cosplay
Mid-WInter Gathering6
Love the detail on this Knight and his Lady
Mid-WInter Gathering7
These ladies were classy!
Mid-WInter Gathering8
Perky maiden cosplay – great!
Mid-WInter Gathering10
The King and his Queen!
Mid-WInter Gathering11
These are awesome drink mugs – some of the mugs there were leather, detailed and with pull out insets! Amazing!
Mid-WInter Gathering12
Paul Little (in top hat) and his motley crew of steampunks from Kenosha, WI! Great group of folks!
Mid-WInter Gathering13
Great couple cosplay!
Mid-WInter Gathering14
Even Hagrid showed up with his 3 headed dog – this was such a great cosplay – loved it!!!
Mid-WInter Gathering15
Handsome Knight and his beautiful Lady Knight
Mid-WInter Gathering17
These guys were awesome!
Mid-WInter Gathering18
Pirates HOOOOO!
Mid-WInter Gathering16
These guys… entertainers to the very end!
Midwinter gathering20
Fellow Chicago cosplayer Kael Laampe (Birdie) was in attendance as a vendor, leaving her incredible cosplays home that night! (her dragon eggs are incredible)!!
Mid-WInter Gathering9
Medieval couple cosplay


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