Mighty here, Mighty there, Mighty Con is everywhere!

better freaking work1

The sun was completely gone – It was too freakin’ cold to play – so I went to Mighty Con – to look for comics that snowy Saturday!   I talked with Art and Gabo, I sat with some artists (a few) – saying how I wished – I could find a comic of Mockingbird for my new cosplay costume!

MC1 Art Baltazar
Art Baltazar – artist and all around nice guy!
MC1 Gabriel Bautista
Gabriel Bautista – Gabo – Eisner Award winning colorist (plus I love his glasses) ahem…

All I could do was search, search, search – Mighty Con DuPage had vendors and comics and more – I kept looking and sorting until I saw by the door –  a comic book seller with West Coast Avengers #1, 1984!!!

I ran to the vendor with excitement galore – but not before another buyer handed him a twenty – my heart sank to the floor.  I got there too late –  but was told don’t worry there’s two more Mighty Con dates!

Mighty Con will return with vendors and a huge artists corps – to Milwaukee, to Madison – to give us tons more!  More time to search comics – more time to see friends – more time to talk with artists and vendors and then…

I’ll find that comic – that beauty of all – I’ll find WCA #1 at Mighty Con Madison – I’ll find it again!!!  If not – no worry or reason to fret – I’ll have a Mighty Con artist draw my cosplay – so I am ready for upcoming cons in April and May!

If you’d like to find your comic holy grail – Mighty Con Milwaukee and Mighty Con Madison will have more comics – available for sale!

Mighty Con Milwaukee – March 22nd, 2015

Mighty Con Madison – March 29th, 2015



MC1 guy eating donut
Nice cosplay – hilarious donut eating guy!


MC1 great idea guys!!
Great artist (Tim Von Rueden (Vonn) with original pins and great art prints!
MC1 kool dudes
These guys! They’re awesome, uber friendly and always ask me where my roller skates are!  LOL!  Luv them!
MC1 fox
MC Dominic Lobello
Dominic Lobello – cool dude who collected money for the artists fund to give to a small child who was in need!
MC1 Link cosplay
Fun cosplays!
MC1  colorist dude
Colorist for Mercy Sparx mans the table! Love his get-up, almost steampunky!
MC1  Gregg Paulsen
Gregg Paulsen was so busy all I could get was an action shot! Go Gregg!
MC1 the girls!
These ladies are cuties! and patient!!! I took their picture about 13 times! 🙂


MC1  Artist
Darrick “DC” Chen – nice guy and I love his newsboys looking comics! www.onwardbound.net – check it!
MC1 the Dr's
I”m not sure how long the crack in time will hold with 4 of the Dr’s in the same dimension – but love’d having them all together at Mighty Con!


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