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Millennium To Bring Red Sonja Franchise to The Silver Screen


There have long been whispers and rumors of a Red Sonja project in the works. Movies, and even  television series, have all seen their day on the ever-spinning rumor mill wheel.  Now, hot on the heels of the success of WB/DC’s female-led Wonder Woman movie, Millennium Media (Hellboy, Expendables) announced they are moving forward with bringing Red Sonja to theaters. Not only that, but this will be planned as a franchise from the ground up.  Film Producer and Millenium Chairman and founder Avi Lerner commented on this recent news:

“We have been waiting for the right time for this remake. and with the success of Wonder Woman, the audience has spoken. They want female heroes.”

Gail Simone, a comic book writer who worked on the vast majority of the 2013 Red Sonja comic book run for Dynamite Entertainment, wants in on the deal. “Call Me.” She wrote on Twitter.  Millenium plans to fast-track the project and hiring Simone, someone largely familiar with the character and familiar with the character in a modern sense as well, might help successfully fast track it. Even as a consultant, Simone would be able to lend a helpful pen to the project.

The first Red Sonja movie was released back in 1985. Directed by Richard Fleischer, that first take on the character starred Brigitte Nielsen as the title character and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Lord Kalidor. Conan the Barbarian actor Schwarzenegger played Kalidor and even looked like Kalidor but due to film rights they were unable to call him Conan.  That said, it all takes place within the Hyborian world or Conan. Presumably, this cinematic reboot will also take place within this Conan-verse.

Inspired by Robert E. Howard’s 1934 book “The Shadow of the Vulture”, Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith brought Red Sonja to the world of comic books with 1973’s Conan the Barbarian issue #23.

With characters like Wonder Woman, Valkyrie and Captain Marvel getting their day in the spotlight, it seems like the time is just right for additional female heroes to see their stars rise as well. A female-led fantasy adventure is a sub-genre of the hero genre that seems all too primed to be a smashing success.

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