Mine to Avenge #2 Review

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Writer Robert Jeffery III
Artist Matteo Illuminati
Colors and Letters Loris Ravina

When I first read Mine to Avenge I wasn’t surprised by the quality of the book, because Evoluzione usually has wonderful artists, but the quality of storyline and idea is what really caught my attention. I love great monster or vampire stories and Jeffrey ramps up the stakes with a futuristic take on the genre. A taste of old school vampires and a centuries long feud, starting in the 1800’s, mixed with a futuristic new world is the best of both worlds type of story wrapped up in one book. Flashbacks provide a baseline for the history and gives the reader a taste of the old, while the main storyline provides all of the futuristic looks that shows the contrast in societies. Jeffery’s writing is an amalgam of both storylines with a generous mix of action that doesn’t leave the story lacking in any way, both the exposition and action are sprinkled in between the present and flashback scenes, and in some cases the action is part of the exposition.

Mine to Avenge issue one was a wonderful introduction to the world but what Jeffery does with issue two is really jump into the meat of the situations he sets up. Layla, the main character, and her history is interesting and the meat of the storyline, but Jeffery takes his time in the introductions get a more in depth introduction to the antagonists. Between issue one and now Layla and her importance is an underlying theme while her history and importance in relation to the antagonists is been the slower burn. I’m completely enthralled by Jeffery’s writing and the way he crafted the story of Mine to Avenge, it’s done with attention and love directed towards the the main character Layla, and the world building is done with intention as well as a reverence for both the timelines he explores. Issue two is more than satisfying as a second issue and I’m all in for this series.

Like I said before the artist line up for Evoluzione is always on point but Illuminati has to be one of my absolute favorite. His style is exactly what I think of when I explain what I think new school comic book style looks like. Illuminati does creative design for monsters and realistic looking characters, he blends in backgrounds and cityscapes with dynamic action scenes and flowing panels. Illuminati can take a tiny little panel and make it look just as good as a huge double page splash and he can do it with just as much detail in all the background. When looking at a comic book it’s important to remember that the vision is shared and without Illuminati’s lively and charismatic character design Jeffery’s world wouldn’t be so alive with rich visuals.

Ravina covers double duty with both colors and letters. I imagine one is hard enough, but both, wow. The colors in Mine to Avenge are on a fairly wide scale but all they do is add to the gorgeous city scapes and accentuate most of the fighting scenes, really setting off the look and giving the book an even feel. The pallet is largely darker with hints of a brighter more luminous tone but the dark is more of what fits the feel of Mine to Avenge so the sprinkling of lighter panels are all well placed and used as a contrast instead of mix. I can’t comment much on the letters because I believe the review copy I received wasn’t finished but from what I can tell of the finished product Ravina didn’t spare any expense in the lettering department either.

Mine to Avenge issue two will hit Kickstarter June 12th so be ready!

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