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Mine To Avenge The Book of Layla


Writer Robert Jeffrey II
Artist Matteo Illuminati
Colors and Letters Loris Ravina

I got a little sneak peak at the unfinished book from Evoluzione, Mine To Avenge, and the early preview has done it’s jobs times ten. First let me explain that I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi books, and even more for well written book, so the fact that I was interested from the first page was a very good sign of what to expect. The second name is Book of Layla and it starts with a very serious and very tense scene between a girl named Layla and a woman named Lalaurie. The strange part of this interaction is that it’s set in New Orleans 1833 with a girl named Layla but the cover is a futuristic Star Wars looking cover that infers a pretty hard Sci-Fi book. The interaction itself, coupled with the expectations of a more futuristic setting later sets up mystery and sets the tone of the book. It was so much fun to see, only six pages, a quick introduction to Layla and I was already hooked, and all of this before the meat of the story begins. The promise of an intriguing premise and the hook that left me wondering was an exciting intro to issue one.

As part of the preview I was able to see several finished page and several unfinished. I enjoy seeing books during several stages of progress because it gives me a deeper understanding of the process and what each creator brings to the book. Matteo Illuminati’s art is exactly what I would expect from Evoluzione, even slightly more polished and realistic than some of the other books. Through the non colored pages I can see how Illuminati shades and accentuates certain things for Ravina to come through and fill with colors that are sort of dark but still very lively. The contrast between colored and not colored really open my eyes to the talent of Ravina and Illuminati as well as the team work they have in taking this art to the next level.

This book will be on Kickstarter around November 14th so head over to Evoluzione’s Facebook page and keep up on the Kickstarter launch and all things Evoluzione.

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