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Miss March Cause-Player of the Month

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We’re so excited to bring you our first Cause-Player of the Month!  Here is Comic Booked’s Miss March.

Picking one winner was hard.  We choose one lucky guy and one lucky girl. First up: your Girl of the Month!  A big congratulations to Han Pan!  Check her out below:

Comic Booked Cosplay

What is your full name and age?

I go by Han Pan.

What state do you reside in?

I live in New Jersey!

Han Pan’s local store is Comic Fusion, where Wonder Woman Day is held.  The other half of Wonder Woman Day is held in Portland, OR.  Check out the store here.

What character are you cosplaying?

For the Cause-play, I have done Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series. Others or yet to be used for a cause include Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Sailor Moon, Princess Garnet (Final Fantasy 9) and another version of Harley Quinn (from Gotham City Sirens).

Why do you cosplay?

It started out for funsies. Then, because I am a perfectionist, I took it further to a hobby and for commissions. I continue to do it because of the way little kids get so excited when they see Harley on the con floor. I do it because the comic community is the most welcoming environment to people who are differently abled, and who can be themselves within it. And I do it because I enjoy nailing a character perfectly.

What cause do you support and why?

I support Wonder Woman Day, in Flemington, NJ. We raise money through raffles and art auctions to donate to SAFE in Hunterdon, our local domestic violence shelter. I began participating in 2010 but have supported it since 2008.

Here is your Miss March, Han Pan in a group photo showing support for a charity event!  Isn’t she awesome?  In costume with a smile on her face and helping raise awareness and money for this charity – what a great Cause-Player.  A very good reason to be chosen as our Miss March.  Here at Comic Booked we honor those not just looking cool or pretty but supporting a cause behind whatever costume they have on.  There are some great Cosplayers out there with fabulous costumes, but we feel here that there is nothing like going out and bringing awareness into your community and raising money!  All while promoting literacy too!

Comic Booked Cosplayer Pic - miss march

So, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our first girl Cosplaying for Cause-Player of the Month on Comic Booked. =)  Make sure you find her at her next convention: AnimeBoston this year! The next con that she’ll attend as Harley will be at is Baltimore Comic Con.

Go add her as a  friend on Facebook here!

We love you Han Pan!  You are now in the running for Cause-Player of the Year!

Stay tuned for more Cosplayers for Cause-Play and take part in Connecting a Comic Booked World!

As always, keep your eyes where they should be – in a comic book! Smiles, Brieanna

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very will done she is a great harley quinn and supports a great cause keep up the good work brie

Brieanna Brock

Thx Ted, she is lovely! And Wonder Woman is my favorite too so anything supporting a cause like this is just incredible! Add her on Facebook and follow her. She's starting a lot of goodness =)

This is awesome! I love seeing cosplay costumes!

Fantastic cosplay for a great cause!

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