Mistakes and Continuity errors in “The Hulk”, “The Incredible Hulk” & “Iron Man”


Every movie fan knows that continuity is a BIG BIG player in ANY movie, but that doesn’t stop from errors to happen!

Who doesn’t remember Charlton Heston holding the 10 commandments with a rolex watch on his wrist? Or Spartacus wearing a great pair of Converse ALL-Star?
How about Obi-Wan talking into a woman’s shaving machine?! The famous Boeing 747 that crossed the sky just before Imhotep did some bad thing to Brendan Fraser, 40 years before it’s time?

“Hulk”, “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man” were no exception to this tradition in the film industry.

“Iron Man” had a total of 23 continuitymistake errors, a good thing is, MOST of us didn’t spot any (well, i didn’t!) and the movie continues today to be the benchmark on “How to do a comicbook movie”. That´s why we, the fans, LOVED “Iron Man”

“Iron Man” (2008) – 23 mistakes

Continuity: When Pepper was helping Tony with replacing his mini reactor she yanked out the electromagnet. lf she did that then simply putting the new reactor in his chest (like Tony did) would do him no good. Even if he did have a magnet built-in, why would Tony tell her to take it out?

Mistake Other: When Iron Man and Iron Monger are fighting, Iron Man catches the SUV, and you can see the family inside the car. Although the car is completely vertical, the hair of the people in the car seem to defy gravity.

Mistake Continuity: When Pepper is watching the television program about Stark Industries’ stock troubles, after Tony’s press conference, notice she has a wireless headset in her left ear. When Tony calls her down to the lab, the camera flashes back to Pepper and the ear piece is gone.

Mistake Visible crew/equipment: In the extra footage after the credits, the reflection of the crew is visible in the picture frames around the apartment.

Mistake Continuity: In Tony’s workshop is a silver clock resting on a shelf with his model airplanes. At one point, this clock is stopped reading a little after midnight (a stopped clock is a common technique used by filmmakers to keep continuity problems to a minimum between shots,) and it is rational that Tony would display the clock for its artistic or sentimental value even if it was broken, but later the clock reads about ten past nine, showing that someone has changed the time.

Mistake Continuity: When Stark is paralysed his fringe (hair bangs) keeps changing style all the time.

Mistake Revealing: Some of the shots involving the terrorists firing at the prototype suit are “flipped” duplicates of other shots. In the scene where he first emerges from the cave, several of the terrorists are firing M4-type rifles with the ejection port on the LEFT side of the rifle. In reality, except for a few specially made versions, all M4-types eject spent brass through an ejection port on the right. Later in the scene, this shot is repeated, but with the proper orientation.

Mistake Continuity: In the montage of Stark designing the Mark II suit on his computer, he picks up a coffee mug to his left and absent-mindedly drinks it, then gets a not-good expression as the liquid was presumably not what he was expecting. A second earlier, the coffee mug had been shown completely upside-down on the desk.

Mistake Continuity: When Tony Stark is at home he’s wearing a black tank top while working on the suit, and there is a bad cover-up of one of his tattoos. It almost looks like a band-aid is over it. It goes away and comes back.

Mistake Continuity: When we first see Tony Stark arrive at the benefit, his car doesn’t have a front plate. When we actually see him pull up to the entrance though, his personalised “Stark” plate has appeared.

Mistake Factual error: After Tony demonstrates the Jericho for the first time, the aftershock hits the soldiers in the face and blows at least three people’s hats off. From the side shot of the event, happening simultaneously, you can only see one hat being blown into the air. The aftershock also makes a dead stop, weakening too quickly and appearing anti-climatic. The aftershock should have blown at least ten yards more before dying out.

Mistake Continuity: When Tony escapes and crashes in the dessert, he is then shown walking and holding his arm, then in the next shot he is holding the opposite arm, but when the plane passes over him it’s back to the original arm.

Mistake Audio problem: After Stark escapes, he is walking in the desert, and crests the brow of a sand dune. Then, helicopters burst into view over him and you hear them for the first time. Stark was on the brow of the dune and should have heard them long before.

Mistake Continuity: When Stark fires the two rockets to Raza, before Yinsen dies, there’s two green rockets standing next to him that change position in less than a second.

Mistake Continuity: Before the final press conference (“I am Iron Man”), Tony Stark’s collar is unbuttoned and tie off-centre while getting ready and talking with Pepper, but immediately during the press conference his collar is buttoned and tie much neater (it doesn’t seem to be in Stark’s character to suddenly bother to button up his collar if he needs Pepper to help him get ready with his jacket and pocket square – which also disappears throughout the whole press conference – and with his tie already on).

Mistake Continuity: When Tony is paralysed on the couch, in one shot his head is facing to the left. However, in the very next shot he is facing forward and slightly slouching back a bit. There wasn’t enough time for him to move into the other position, even if he wasn’t paralysed.

Mistake Continuity: Just after Pepper replaces Tony’s chest piece, she clenches her hands, complaining about how disgusting the “pus” is. When the shot changes, she closes her hand again.

Mistake Continuity: When the pilot ejects as he is falling, up close he is trying to pull the eject handle, but when it zooms out his arms are out to the side.

Mistake Continuity: When Pepper is changing out Stark’s arc reactor chest piece, in one shot she pushes the device in, then in the next shot she pushes it in again.

Mistake Continuity: In the shot just before Obidiah paralyses the guy that held Tony prisoner, the ear plugs are not in his ears and when he paralyses him they are.

Mistake Factual error: When Iron Man catches the Audi SUV, the front wings/fenders don’t bend when he catches it, the car weighs close to 2 tons, some damage should occur to them as they are made of such thin metal.

Mistake Character mistake: There is a misspelling on the cover of the issue of Forbes magazine shown in the presentation about Stark’s life. It reads “Tony Stark takes reigns at 21”. The correct spelling of the word is “reins”. Stark may “reign” at Stark Industries but he would take over the “reins” of the company.

Mistake Continuity: After Stark is paralysed and slightly recovers, he goes to get his energy. Right then the blood around his left ear has vanished. Being seconds away from dying, the last thing he would think of is taking a shower.

“The Hulk” (2003) – 39 mistakes
The Hulk
Mistake Continuity: Near the beginning, when Banner arrives at the lab with his helmet on, he removes the helmet when he sees Betty. A close-up of his face is shown and his hair is messy with part of his fringe on his forehead. Betty is shown quickly, then the same shot of Banner is shown again, but this time his hair is perfect.

Mistake Continuity: The hole in the car windshield changes size from when the Hulk throws the dog through it to when it’s shown the next morning.

Mistake Continuity: When the dad of the hulk comes to see his son for the “deal” he made to turn himself in to the military. You can see the type of handcuff the dads wearing changes kind two or three times in the scene.

Mistake Continuity: When the Hulk is standing in the street, we see him standing in the fountaining water from the smashed hydrant but his hair never gets more than damp.

Mistake Continuity: In the scene just after the Hulk has destroyed the tanks in the desert, the camera cuts to the genera. In the first shot we see him touch the side of his head with his hand, then in the following shot his hand his on his forehead.

Mistake Continuity: Near the beginning, when the other scientist accidentally trips the gamma machine on, Bruce helps to get the guy’s gas mask on. In one shot, when Bruce throws the scientist to the ground, he is holding onto the gas mask with his right hand, then in the following face shot he is holding it with his left.

Mistake Continuity: The breast pockets on Betty Ross’s denim jacket switch from buttoned to unbuttoned between shots when she is confronted by David Banner in her house at night, and again, later, when she approaches the Hulk in downtown San Francisco.

Mistake Continuity: Near the beginning of the film when Bruce first turns into the Hulk, he tosses the gamma machine out of the lab and into the road outside, but if you use frame by frame or slow motion from a view on the inside the gamma machine reaches the outside, and a view from the outside is showing the machine just coming out of the wall.

Mistake Continuity: When Bruce first turns into the Hulk, his wallet is seen coming out of his back pocket. When it lands on the floor it is in front of him.

Mistake Continuity: When Bruce first arrives at the lab in the beginning of the movie, Betty tells them that they have to present to the review board on Tuesday. After the experiment where the frog explodes Bruce asks Betty what should they present for Monday.

Mistake Continuity: When Bruce and Betty are in the cabin, Betty gives Bruce breakfast, and in one shot we see Bruce look at Betty, then a shot from the back shows he is looking down at the plate, then a face shot shows him looking up and at Betty again.

Mistake Factual error: In the scene where General Ross is calling in the desert with a satellite telephone, he is using a Thuraya satellite phone. These phones only have coverage in Europe and a large part of North Africa. Since he is using the phone in the US, the phone shouldn’t work there.

Mistake Continuity: When Bruce and Betty are in the middle of the desert, Betty walks to the door where Bruce’s parents were arguing, he walks to the door and opens it. He looks in but Betty is still looking at Bruce in this shot, yet in the following shot she is looking in the room.

Mistake Continuity: Near the middle when Bruce and Betty have lunch, she says “were you at the lab?” Bruce isn’t looking at Betty, he just shakes his head. In the following shot, his head is slightly turned and he is now looking at Betty.

Mistake Continuity: Near the end of the film when the Hulk gets up on the cliff side to look at the choppers hovering by him, if you look where he is standing there is a small round rock behind him in this shot, but in all other shots that rock has vanished.

Mistake Continuity: In the middle of the film when Bruce is being taken down into the underground facility in the desert, we see guards standing around his container where he is sleeping. Look at the front, and there is a guard in front of the container with his left arm resting on it. Then it cuts to another shot, this guy is no longer in front of the container nor has his arm on it, this happens between shots. (Zoom in is required).
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Mistake Factual error: The Hulk picks up a tank, swings it around and hurls it about a mile away where it crashes into a sand dune. The impact should have been as strong as a plane crash, but a few shots later, they show one of the tank crew members standing casually outside the tank, watching the Hulk. All of the men inside the tank should have been seriously injured from the impact, if not dead.

Mistake Audio problem: During the scene where Bruce’s father is giving him the green dinosaur toy and the monkey toy and suggests making them have a fight, the boy “Roars” but his lips don’t move at all, in fact his mouth is shut.

Mistake Factual error: In the scene where they’re in the lab and on the computer screen they show a strand of DNA you see cc matched up many times. If they knew anything about biology they would have matched C (cytosine) with G (guanine) which is the proper way in which DNA replicates.

Mistake Deliberate “mistake”: When Hulk meets his father at the lab, each one’s eyes have a special light on them. This adds for dramatic effect, but it’s absurd because there is no direct source of light since each one is in front of the other and their faces are in shade in the rest of the shots.

Mistake Other: In the scene in the desert, when the Hulk picks up the tank by the turret, the hull of the tank stays attached. The turret actually isn’t attached to the base, it sits on a rotator ring and is held in place by gravity. (Turret weighs about 25 tons, if I recall).

Mistake Visible crew/equipment: When Betty is driving to see Bruce’s father, she is looking in her notebook. When she puts it away, it cuts and a truck passes on the right side. Watch carefully in the lower right corner, right after she passes the truck. Something is quickly coming into frame. Hard to tell what it is, but whatever it is, it is not supposed to be there.

Mistake Continuity: In the beginning when Bruce and Betty are talking, her fringe changes several times during the scene.

Mistake Continuity: Betty is touching the door panel to scan her identification but in the next shot she has not reached the door yet.

Mistake Factual error: In every scene that Gen. Ross is wearing his service dress uniform, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (second to bottom row, viewer’s left) is upside-down. The three center stripes should be (from viewer’s left to right) blue, white, red; not red, white, blue.

Mistake Continuity: In the scene where Nick Nolte is in Bruce’s lab, after he exposes himself to gamma rays his hair is almost completely black, but in the rest of the movie it is greyish-brown.

Mistake Continuity: In the middle of the film when David Banner transforms himself at the lab’s gamma machine, he attacks a black cop. Watch closely, just after David Banner lifts the floor up sending the cop flying towards him you can see he is lying on his back in one shot then lying on his side in the following shot. (Slow-mo is required).

Mistake Audio problem: During the scene where Talbot approaches Betty by the elevator, it splits and in doing so the top left screen does not speak, but the bottom right does, and they are supposedly “Sync”ed.

Mistake Continuity: In the middle of the film when Bruce is in the cabin with Betty, just after he discovers a noise outside and gets shot by a tranquillizer, if you watch closely the tranquilizer is at the side of the leg, then in the following shot when we get another view of it from the floor it is at the front of the leg.

Mistake Continuity: When Talbot calls out to Betty as she walks in the entrance to her building, in the background a cyclist gets on his bike and puts both feet on the pedals then starts to ride off. When it cuts to a view of Talbot, the cyclist still has his left foot on the ground and isn’t moving.

Mistake Other: In the scene in the underground base, where the Hulk is destroying the area, when the General orders them to turn out the lights and show him the way out, the keyboard that she grabs to type in the commands is not plugged in. Right as she grabs the keyboard, you can see the plug laying on the floor beside it.

Mistake Continuity: When Bruce Banner is submerged in the holding tank at the desert lab, he has hair on his chest. But when he changed back from the Hulk at Betty’s cabin, his chest was smooth.

Mistake Continuity: When Betty walks down the stairs to calm the Hulk down the camera angle from the front shows her hair blowing in the wind, but the camera angle from the back doesn’t.

Mistake Continuity: At the start of the film when his foster-mother comes in to wake Bruce up, her hand on his head changes slightly between shots.

Mistake Continuity: When Betty takes Bruce back to his childhood home, she sits on a swing prior to entering the house. The swing is moving as the go into the building but is stationary a few moments later (it wouldn’t have had time to come to a complete standstill).

Mistake Revealing: When Hulk rips the turret off the tank and swings it around in the desert has a solid base. This is correct for a model but not for a real tank which has a hollow turret for the tank captain to stand up from the bottom of the tank through the turret and look out the top.

Mistake Continuity: When the Hulk breaks out of the government lab, he pushes up a round staircase and a soldier jumps behind it. He is then seen right in front of it when the camera angle changes.

Mistake Continuity: When Talbot goes to visit Bruce in his holding cell in the underground base in the desert, Talbot pokes him with a cattle prod of some sort. In this shot the screen splits into two. Bruce puts his hands up in the air when he gets zapped, but the other view on the screen shows that he still has his hands by his side. (Slow motion may be required.)

Mistake Continuity: When Betty is talking to Bruce about accepting their breakup, the camera from the front shows her looking right at him, but the camera from the back shows her looking down.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) – 17 mistakes

Mistake Continuity: When Dr. Ross and Bruce were in the hotel room, Banner empties the purse on the bed and there is some cash inside the wallet. As they are about to leave he picks up the cash which isn’t in the wallet anymore.

Mistake Revealing: When the Hulk walks through the stream, the water doesn’t react to his feet.

Mistake Continuity: When Bruce and Betty are hugging on the bridge, they turn back and forth about a quarter of a turn whenever the camera angle changes.

Mistake Continuity: In the motel room, Betty gives Bruce a new heart monitor watch, still in its box. In a subsequent shot, the box has disappeared and Bruce is putting the watch on. The cut to Betty and back is too fast for him to have taken the watch out and junked the box.

Mistake Continuity: At the beginning of the movie, when the general wears his dress greens, his epaulets rank has the stripe near his neck. Later,in a shot about halfway through, the stripe is near his shoulder.

Mistake Continuity: During the street chase in Brazil, the time of day changes from night, to perhaps late afternoon/evening, to-night again.

Mistake Revealing: In the scene where Bruce is in the helicopter hearing about the other “hulk”, the camera is the only thing being moved around to simulate a shaky helicopter ride. The equipment nor any of the actors inside the copter are moving around or stabilizing themselves according to how bumpy the camera movements are making it out to be.

Mistake Continuity: In the scene where Betty drives up behind Bruce in her car as he begins the cross the bridge, Bruce’s left hand is visibly clutching his jacket shut. In the next shot from inside Betty’s car, his hand is immediately at his side.

Mistake Other: When Bruce is riding his bicycle to deliver pizza to the University, you hear him ringing a bicycle bell while he says, “Excuse me”. If you look at the bike he’s riding, there’s no bell to be found.

Mistake Factual error: The USB drive should have been destroyed after sitting in his stomach for a day, or at least been somewhere in his intestines, so he wouldn’t have been able to puke it up.

Mistake Factual error: When the police are searching for abomination in New York City, they reach an alleyway where there’s a police car marked ‘Toronto Police’.

Mistake Continuity: When Hulk throws the chunk of sheet metal at the helicopter, it glances off the rotor housing (taking a ragged piece with it.) When the chopper crashes, however, the propeller comes off with a perfectly clean edge, as if the projectile had sheared completely through the base.

Mistake Continuity: During the opening credits, the camera approaches Betty’s bed, where she lies unconscious. The first shot shows her head straight, but an immediate closer angle shows it tilted to the left.

Mistake Continuity: As Emil is in the men’s restroom looking at the mirror, some of his hair is hanging over his forehead, but when the shot changes, his hair is suddenly brushed back.

Mistake Continuity: After the first time we see Bruce transform into the Hulk, he has hitched a ride with the elderly man. You will remember he has 3 1/4 length pants on with a few rips. It cuts to a quick clip of him walking up the road but this time he has full length pants on. They switch back to shorter length pants straight after.

Mistake Revealing: In the beginning of the film, Bruce Banner’s hair is a dark brown and looks natural. When he is doing the anger control exercises, he is obviously wearing a black wig which is not natural looking at all. This happens a few times during the movie – it switches from his natural hair to the very dark wig. And at times, even his eyebrows look much darker and thicker.

Mistake Continuity: When Dr. Ross empties her handbag on the bed, there is a Givenchy compact with the Givenchy insignia face up. When the bed is shown again, the compact is face down.

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