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Modern Mythology Pt. 1

Throughout time there have been stories passed down from generation to generation by either the written word, or word of mouth. These stories contained some of the worlds most famous legends that are still heard and written about to this day. So what about our generation, and the ones before us? What do we have to offer to history in the form of mythological stories?

In our society it could be said that we don’t have those myths anymore, no legends of yore to speak of really, but then again isn’t our generation known for its great storytelling abilities? We have books, movies, music, and comic books that tell the tales of so many people. Yes we pay for these things, but at the same time they are our history, our talents, and our money that bring these amazing things to life, and more then anything else they are our thoughts that bring about these creations.

From Captain America to Red Robin, from Batman to Forge our generation and those before us have made comic books not just into something memorable, they have been made into something mythical. This is where I come in, in these articles I will be taking a look at the different archetypes from the different mythologies and how they either completely create or relate to the comic book characters of our times and how movies and comics have advanced their legends.

I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I will enjoy writing these entries.
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