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MOMOCON 2015 The Adventure Continues


MOMOCON 2015 lived up the hype and far exceeded it to me, it was an amazing experience. What is MomoCon? I’m glad you asked, here’s a brief description of what MomoCon is from their site.  “With 15,000 unique and over 38,000 turnstile attendance in 2014, MomoCon is one of the fastest growing all ages conventions in the country. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games come together to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows, games, and comics and much much more over this 4 day event. Whether you are an anime fan, gamer, comic reader, or just like watching cartoons, all are welcome at MomoCon!”

MOMOCON 2015 Gaming Hall

So if you like anything remotely geeky or nerdy then there’s something at MomoCon for you.  First let me say thank you to the staff of MomoCon.  They were extremely helpful and beyond nice!  The setup at the venue was great.  The panel rooms were on the floors above the vendor hall and gaming hall.  This made for a great setup as you had to go past panel and could see what was starting when before going down to see all the stuff for sale.  Talk about stuff for sale, the vendors hall was massive and filled with just about anything anime, comic, cosplay, gaming, ect you could dream up.

Now let’s talk about the cosplayers, wow just wow!   Everyone who took the time to cosplay a character or make up their own character to cosplay did an amazing job.  From gaming characters to comic book characters to anime characters there was someone there that was cosplaying it, even Cheetara from the ThunderCats showed up.  Attack on Titan, without a doubt had the most cosplay following at the con.  Most of them were ridiculously real and the attention to detail was so amazing. Now I want to cosplay at the next convention I attend. What will I cosplay, no clue yet.

MomoCon 2015 Cheetara cosplay

The vendors and artist alley were equally great with anything you could possibly think of to buy and plenty of thing you never knew you needed.  So many retro toys and video games around every corner. By far Anime dominated the vendor landscape, there was anything and everything you could think of related to anime and mange there to buy.  Artist alley was setup great with comic creators, gaming creators and so much more.  I want to say think you to Alex Ogle for taking the time to talk with me about his work. Hopefully we will have him on an episode of Two Comic Booked Dudes soon to talk about his work with Action Lab Comics and his own book.   Also thank you to Peter Leithen for taking the time to explain his comic, it sounded so good I picked up both trades of it.

MOMOCON 2015 Cosplay fun

Over all I had a great experience at MomoCon and learn a lot about shooting video in a convention…audio issues everywhere.   I will definitely go back for MOMOCON 2016!

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