Monsters and Other Scary Shit Kickstarter Preview


In all honesty when I think about a multi layered and multi artist anthologies from an artists or business perspective I instantly think “no thanks” because of the fact that it takes hard work wrangling in an untold number of artist teams. Anthologies can have virtually any number of artists and combinations of artist teams for any number of short stories that appear in the anthology. In other words; it’s a huge undertaking that is very involved and time consuming. I have nothing but the utmost respect for someone that takes the helm of a project like this, overseeing a project that has thirty different artist teams is the equivalent of taking on thirty projects at once. I have hardly even started working on one project with one team and I can’t imagine the stress and hard work that is put into a thirty piece anthology like Monsters and Other Scary Shit. The one good thing about having so many different artists is the fact that the variety in storytelling and artist style is so different that there is literally something for everyone in this book.

Because of the fact thirty artist teams are a bit much to list I will just speak a little about Wannabe Press and the mastermind behind Monsters, Russell Nohelty. Nohelty is not just a talented creator, he is also a very savvy businessman. Wannabe Press was created by Nohelty in 2014 after some lackluster dealings with less than motivated small publishers. Nohelty saw the business for what it was and got a first hand taste of what it was like putting hopes and dreams into someone else’s hands. Nohelty’s business smarts has helped him in marketing and crowdfunding for his projects; he has run successful kickstarter’s for two other properties, one of which I was a backer. In fact, Nohelty has been so successful that he launched a book division in 2016, adding to the line up another genre of reading for the indie fan. Nohelty is a fantastic business man and a knowledgeable promoter, he is excited about his product and always read to talk about them. Nohelty is very active on social media and even has a podcast that focuses on his projects and the business aspect of publishing. Nohelty’s passion is second to none and I truly believe that that fact will be clear with the Monsters and Other Scary Shit Kickstarter.

I truly admire Nohelty and Wannabe Press for taking on such a grand scale project and I have jumped onto this Kickstarter first thing out of the gate. Nohelty has a lofty goal to reach but when looking at the rewards I can see why, this book is not only stacked with great artists their sparing no expense in production. The quality of the product is number one, there are lots of great rewards tiers, and Nohelty breaks down the money trail so we can see exactly where it all goes. I feel like the break down of money is a great marketing tool because I see where the money goes and I see how the goal is justified. it makes me understand the process and accept the amount of the goal as reasonable. I’m excited for this project and can’t wait to see it blow past its goal!

If what I’ve said isn’t convincing enough then check out Wannabe Press and head over to the Kickstarter for a look see yourself!

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