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Moranic Reviews- Advanced Look at Toxic Storm #2

Toxic Storm cover #2.

A couple of months ago I was treated to an early advanced look at the first issue of Adam Cheal’s new supernatural, superpowered thriller, “Toxic Storm.”    I was amazed by his original take on superpowers mixed with supernatural elements.     Now I have to say out hand that yes, Adam used to be a reviewer for this site some time ago, but in no way does that effect how I feel about this book.    For a first time comic writer, Adam is writing better than some of the so-called professionals in this business.     If you want to read the original review for issue #1, you can read it here at this link. I’m going to get a little bit spoilery with this review, so if you want a non-spoiled review of the book, skip to the end of the article and read my final thoughts.

toxic storm page

Spoilers ahead…

One thing I can give Adam is that fact that he’s a writer than can truly surprise you.    In the first issue we meet a convicted rapist and killer, Simon Fisher, that uses black magic from his prison cell mate, Caleb Fontana, to literally turn into a living Toxic Storm.    By the end of the first issue I wasn’t sure if this character would be hero or villain.   In fact we find out he might have been framed and he’s just out for revenge against those that did him wrong.

Once again by the end of this second issue writer Adam Cheal has surprised me with my preserved expectations.    We’re introduced to a new main character in FBI agent Jack Storm.    Since Fisher has escaped Jack has been tasked to return the superpowered killer and the only way he can do that is with the help of Fisher’s old prison cell mate, Caleb Fontana.   I was so sure Caleb was an evil bad guy but the great twist is that he’s actually a good guy.  In fact I might think he’s the real hero of the whole book and the real bad guy is FBI agent Storm.     That definitely turns things on its head.

Spoilers done…

Adam Cheal has crafted an amazing comic series here.   This thing has more twists and turns than anything I’ve read in a while.   It mixes genres like nothing before.    Expect the unexpected when you start reading this series.    I literally have no  idea where this story will go.    How often can you say that about other comics from the big “two”?

The art by Renzo Rodriguez is once again top notch just like the first issue.   This guy is a big talent and I can see big things for him in the future.   Everything from the coloring and lettering is professionally done.   This is a book to look out for.    I can’t wait to read the third part of this fantastic new series.   Keep a look out for “Toxic Storm” early next year from Markosia Enterprises.

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Toxic Storm will also be available digitally on Comixology and all other digital services worldwide soon.

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