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Moranic Reviews: Black Alpha #1

Black Alpha Cover

Exclusive First Look!!!


Tom Rasch is a veteran in the comic industry.   He’s worked as an artist with many publishers over the years, including Marvel.   He took a break from the business and decided to give his talents to the video game industry.    Well he’s about to return to the comic scene big time.    His new book, Black Alpha made its debut, not on comic shelves but on the small screen.    It was featured in the background of a number of episodes in the hit CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

big bang theory

The first time I found out about his new comic was back in 2012 when I interviewed him for this very site.   It’s a labor of love for Tom, because this is a story he’s been working on since he was 11 years old.   I’ve seen little sneak peeks of the book for over a year  and I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to get my first look at the finished product and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.   Everything from the writing, artwork, coloring and lettering is top notch.   For an indie comic, this is one polished book.

Black Alpha inside art

Black Alpha is about a intergalactic group of protectors called, the Guardsmen.   Think of them as a cross between, the Green Lanterns, Jedi and Nova Corps.     These Guardsmen wear a special armor called a “Cel Suit”.    This basically augments their powers to make them galactic badasses.    Most of these Guardsmen have been wiped out by a mysterious force, and few have seen any in action for years….until now.    This is where this issue starts.   We’re introduced to a lone Guardsman as he tries to bring justice to the galaxy.    We gets a little of his backstory and get introduced to a vast universe of characters and aliens species.     Writer, Drew Hunt delivers a great set up for the first issue that sets up everything and wanting to leave you with enough questions wanting you to come back.

I’m in love with the art style on display in this book.   It looks like Bruce Timm animation mixed with anime.   It’s very stylized.     When reading it, I can almost picture it moving between panels.    The book is drawn by the combined efforts of Christian Colbert and Tom Rasch.    The design of the main hero and aliens are very unique.    This book is a definite buy for the Sci-fi lover.

Next time you watch an episode of Big Bang Theory, see if you can spot of the Black Alpha cameos in the background.    Don’t miss out on the start of what will be a massive new franchise.    Tom and his crew have big plans for this property.    There’s Black Alpha clothes, action figures, video games and even a animated series in the works for this in the works.      I got an advance look on this book, so I have no real idea when it’s officially coming out, but keep a look out for it soon from Strick 9 Comics.


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