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Moranic Reviews- Hooligan #1 and 2



Viper Comics doesn’t put out too many comic titles in a year, but you know that old saying: it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. Their new digital release is called Hooligan and I’ve decided to do a review on the first two issues. It’s the shared creation of writer C. Mike Hall and artist Dustin Evans. If you folks haven’t read Hall’s last comic series, Helldorado, please do look for it. I did a review of that last year.

Anyway, what is Hooligan about? It’s about a blue-collar, costumed vigilante named Rex. His wife has left him, the bank is taking away his house, and the only thing that keeps him sane is crushing criminal heads with a bat. Rex has quickly become a bit of a celebrity in his small town, which itself is slowly becoming a weird mess. Now this story alone would have been perfectly fine for me, but writer Mike Hall puts a nice sci-fi angle to the story that I wasn’t expecting. It involves aliens, but it’s an alien invasion with a unique twist. There’s also appearances by mysterious characters called Voodoo Mama and Suitcase, who happens to be a talking alligator. Their roles have yet to be revealed, but it’s intriguing to find out what it is.

Rex is one hell of a character. He’s a mix of Stallone and Bruce Campbell’s Ash from Army of Darkness. He’s tough as nails and strong like an ox. Artist Dustin Evans does a fantastic job with the character designs on the book.  Evans stylized art fits the tone of the series very well with the far-out concepts Hall is throwing at the readers and he draws some great action set pieces. If you’re a fan of Viper Comics, this is a great edition to their large collection of great books.

Issue #2 turns up the sci-fi madness to the extreme. There’s devastation, destruction and gruesome gore. It has one hell of a jaw-dropping cliffhanger as well. I literally have no idea how Rex will save the world. With one more issue left I don’t know how they will tie up everything, but I’m dying to find out.

You should definitely check out this series. It’s available digitally on iTunes or you can go to for more info.  Don’t miss out on this series. Hopefully it will be out in print later in the year as well.



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For the premise alone I'll check this out! I was pretty much sold on the whole alien invasion with a twist bit.

Not something that probably would have caught my eye. Your review definitely makes it something that Ill try to check out.


0h it's digital sweet.

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