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Moranic Reviews- Tales of Discord

tales of discord cover

Tales of DISCORD is a prequel to a critically acclaimed indie comic DISCORD by writer Paul J. Salamoff. It’s being published by Markosia Publishing. For those you folks who don’t know who Discord is, here’s a bit of back-story on who he is. Imagine the Justice League or Avengers all dying at the same time on a mission on a alien planet while fighting their dreaded enemy. The aliens on the planet don’t really understand the human body and put together a human made up of all the parts of the other heroes to make one. A new hero in born and he calls himself Discord. He’s a patchwork human with the thoughts and parts of some of his greatest friends. He has all of their powers with one added twist;    He also has a piece of his dreaded enemy Sinew attached to him as well.


It’s a pretty interesting new take on a superhero. It’s the only type of story that could be told in a indie come because the regular Marvel or DCU would never have the balls to try and kill off all their heroes to make a new one. If you haven’t picked up DISCORD, do yourself a favor and go right ahead.

The great thing about Tales of DISCORD is the fact that you don’t really have to read the original DISCORD comic to understand what’s going on.  In fact I read Tales of Discord before I ever read DISCORD. What we get in this collected edition is various back stories and origins of some of the heroes that DISCORD is made up of.   Each story has a realistic take on heroes and well as different art styles. All of the stories are written by series creator Paul J Salamoff.   This comic came forth from a successful Kickstarter campaign as well.

My favorite story out of the set is the story called “IRIDIAN”. It has art from Diego Molano. It’s one of the first genuine lesbian superheroes that didn’t feel like a cheap publicity stunt to get attention.  This character felt real and the problems she went through were endearing. I loved the art as well.  Like all the stories in this book, it’s not about how they got their powers is about how the powers have changed their lives.

Tales of Discord discord-COV-sprd.indd

The other stories in the collection are just as good. The Chromatic and moiré story happens to be one of the most romantic stories I’ve ever read involving two superheroes. The Solaris and Moonshadow story of the two brothers with powers was an interesting dynamic on sibling heroes. The story of the hero “MASSIVE” was the best story on Superhero celebrity I’ve read. This was how I wished the TV show HEROES would have been like.

I don’t think there’s a bad story in this whole collection. If you’re in the mood for some deep super heroic stories, then this is the book for you. It also leads into the up to the upcoming DISCORD sequel soon as well. See if you can pick up DISCORD and TALES OF DISCORD. These are some quality superhero comics. I can’t wait to read more about this new universe of heroes.

Find out more about DISCORD at Markosia’s website here.

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