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Moranic Reviews- The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure

The Cartoon Guidebook To Absolute Failure - Volume One - Front and Back Covers

As a writer I always feel that writing comedy and humor tends to be the hardest thing for me. Most times I tend to unintentionally write something funny and play it off as something I did on purpose. When I received a preview copy of Erik Craddock’s and Logan Faerber’s new book, The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure, I was suddenly taken back by how unique the book was. The best part about this book was how funny it actually was. I usually don’t find too many books I’m given that makes me laugh. This series is being released on Comixology in installments and available in print from  Slave Labor Graphics.

The title of the book basically explains what the book is about. We’re introduced to a charmingly dimwitted nameless cartoon character.  Writer Erik Craddock brings up a random scenario and list how horribly wrong this cartoon character will fail miserably in a epic way.  I’ve been a fan of Logan Faerber’s art for a while now. He has a great unique style that automatically gives you a smile every time I see it. I’d love to see a animated TV series based on his style.   Erik Craddock’s humor matches Logan’s art perfectly. There is no long form narrative here. More or less we’re given a “Skit” with Logan’s art and a list of funny scenarios. The humor doesn’t go overboard and it’s a perfect book for all ages.   It’s the type of book that you can start at any point in book and pick and choose whatever you want to read. Here is a sample of what you’ll get in the book. These are some of  my favorite segments from the book. Check it out.

The Cartoon Guidebook To Absolute Failure - Volume 1 - Pages 20 & 21

That’ll give you an idea what the book is about. It’s clever and funny stuff. Here’s some more samples of some of the best parts from the collected edition of the book.

The Cartoon Guidebook To Absolute Failure - Volume 1 - Pages 52 & 53

Last but not least here’s one more sample of this unique book. I just love Logan’s art style in this book. (Yes I’ve mentioned it before). Remember those old Disney cartoons where Goofy would do an instructional film about a certain subject and just utterly mess up everything. This is what this series reminds me off.

The Cartoon Guidebook To Absolute Failure - Volume 1 - Pages 6 & 7

I just found this to be really fun and refreshing stuff. The first issue is called “Vampires, Grizzly Bears, and Zombie Uprisings.”  Like the book title you’ll get a guidebook at how to absolutely fail and at all these things and more. Issue #2 tackles some of my favorite things in the world too. It’s called “Video Games, Greek Mythology and Alien Armadas.”  This book would make a great socking stuffer for Christmas and would make one hell of a coffee table book too.


You can buy a copy wherever books are sold. If you’re in the mood for something fun that will give you a smile on your face from ear to ear, this is the book for you.  It’s a charming little read. It has a little of everything you’ll ever want in a book.  Zombies, aliens, sand everything in between.  The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure is a must buy for the non-comicbook reader out there and to your comic fan as well.

I can’t wait to see what the creative team of Erik Craddock and Logan Faerber have up their sleeve next.

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GRADE- “A”  Entertainment

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