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Moranic Reviews – Top 5 List of 2012


I’ve reviewed a lot of unique comics in this article last year. Before I start up a new set of reviews for the new year, I wanted to give you guys a look back at some of my favorites from last year. I can guarantee most of you comic fans haven’t even heard of some of the titles I’m about to list. They are far and away from the mainstream as you can get. If you’re interested in anything on this list, please seek them out.

5.  Identity Thief –  From Fanboy Comics. Written by Bryant Dillion

This is a low budget horror film made into a graphic novel. It’s tense, foreboding and all around creepy. Think of it as a Twilight Zone episode. You won’t get many answers, but you’ll get a good story. Check out the review here.


4.  Helldorado – Ape Entertainment. Written by C. Michael Hall.

What happens when you mix a classic western with Shaw Brothers kung-fu and Hammer Horror films? Well you get this fun book. Ape is currently working on a sequel series to this so be sure to check out this series first before you check out the sequel. It’s a fun book with some fantastic art. Read the review here.


3. Hooligan 1 and 2 – Viper Comics. Written C. Michael Hall with art by Dustin Evans.

This is the second book on my list from writer Michael Hall. These are two VERY different books, but both very badass. In a town filled with insane loons, it takes the craziest loon of them all to save the day. When you have a story with a badass vigilante, brain eating aliens, Voodoo queens, and a talking alligator, you know you’re in for something different. Check out the review here.

Long Gone

2. Long Gone – Markosia Comics. Written by Mark Bertollini.

Most of the superhero titles from the big two have lost my interest. In general, I just don’t seem to be interested in superhero stories anymore. So it takes a really great story to pull me back in. This book does for superheroes what Walking Dead did for zombies. I’ve never seen superhumans depicted in such a gross, deviant and evil way before. It also proves that you should never discount old people. Check out the review here.

So what is my number 1 choice?


1. WARPED – 215 ink.  Written and drawn by Fernando Pinto.

Yes. Dick jokes, slutty porn star aliens, foul mouth robots. What’s not to like? No other book I’ve read last year gave me more enjoyment than this one. It’s juvenile, immature, offensive and downright funny. Someone please turn this into a pay-cable animated series. Fernando is a force of nature. Not only is he the writer, but also the artist on this book. If you’re a fan of Family Guy, South Park and Futurama, then this is the book for you. Not for the easily offended, and, if you are easily offended, you shouldn’t be reading comics in general. Someone at Marvel, please give Deadpool to this guy. Check out my review for this here.

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Dick jokes were, are, and always will be funny. Period. Nice list!


Warped looks pretty cool.

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