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Moranic Reviews- Warped: The Adventures of Sandy and Angus



Warped is the most appropriate title you could use for this comic. It’s the most irreverent, satirical, foul mouthed exercise in comical delight I’ve ever read. 215ink has quickly built a reputation on publishing unique books and this title is no different. If you run into friends that think comics are just guys in tights and silly stories for kids, give them a copy of this book to convert them. It’s Futurama meets South Park trapped in a R-rated sex comedy.   I will bet you’ve never seen a combination like that before. Now I usually always seem to praise every title I write about, but this one takes the cake folks. Whenever I review a book I try to find a comic that will appeal to me and to an indie fan looking for something new.    


Created from the sick and twisted brain of Fernando Pinto, this book is literally the best comic I’ve read in years.  Not only did Fernando write this laugh riot, but he also illustrated it. His slick and cartoony style has a fluid, animation quality to it that makes it feel alive. The character designs are perfect. I could really picture this comic being turned into an animated series. It would have to be on HBO, but it would be the greatest animated series of all time if it was made.  


So what is this book about? Warped tells the story of two down and out space bounty hunters. Sandy is a cute, spunky chick with attitude to match. Angus is her porn addicted robot partner and best friend. They’re only goal in life is to make enough money to pay their cable bills so they can watch the Van Dame marathon. They take on any lousy job that comes their way, and most of the time they usually screw up at it. Throughout the course of the book they run into giant slimy monsters, undead alien mobsters, intergalactic porn stars, and a slew of other opponents in their bid to make a little cash. Sandy is especially my favorite character of the story.   She reminds me of Tank Girl with her punk like attitude and style.  I love how her tank top changes words to display how she feels at certain points of the story too.  If you don’t pay attention, you could miss little things like that.


Looking at the cover of the book I was expecting a funny family friendly space romp, but to my surprise we get a story filled with more sex jokes than all the Kevin Smith movies combined. From the get go, we’re given an expletive filled introduction that prepares you for what you’re about to get yourself into. If you’re a prude and can’t handle the first couple of pages of this book, I’d suggest you grow a pair, and lighten up. Pinto gives the book a self referential tone rarely seen in comics before. I wish Marvel would hire this guy to write Deadpool. The tone and style of this book would please any fan of the Merc with a Mouth. The characters are original and most have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but that is part of what makes this work so well. This isn’t supposed to be serious and make any sense. Go with the flow, enjoy and laugh. This book is just plain fun. 


In closing… you’re looking for a funny laugh out loud book that would make your parents look at you funny if they caught you reading it; then this the book for you.  I’m a fan of dark, twisted and sick humor, then this book was right up my alley.  Personally I can’t wait to read and see more of Fernando Pinto’s work. This guy is a true talent that can do it all. Warning: please don’t drink milk while reading this book, you’re liable to snort milk up your nose and all over the pages of the comic because it’s so funny. Pick up Warped: The adventures of Sandy and Angus from 215ink.  



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