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Most Common Online Casino Welcome Offers


There are thousands of online casinos on the internet and it doesn’t take long to discover just how many of them there really are which is great in one respect because it means there is so much choice on offer and there is guaranteed to be an online casino that suits and your needs really well.  But it can be a confusing time when working out which online casino to sign up to and become affiliated with because of this large amount of choice on offer.  The way that many players solve this common issue is to look at the welcome offers available and make comparisons between their online casinos that potentially suit them the best. Let’s take a look at the best things to compare that are common online casino welcome offers, as well as learn how to pay by mobile phone.

Bonus Spins

Bonus spins or more commonly known to us frequent casino online slot players as free spins, are without a doubt the most sort after part of any welcome offer but for two very different reasons.  Not only do players want to ensure that they are getting a good number of free spins are part of their new affiliation to an online casino but they also want to make sure that these free spins are for specific types of slot games. 

Choosing your Free Spins

It goes without saying that the more free spins you can get your hands on, the better this situation will work out for you.  This is because free spins are in effect entitling you to free play so spinning the reels of specific slots online during this time will not cost you a single penny but will still enable you to be in with a chance of winning significant cash prizes.  The choice of slots games given to you as options as part of your free spins welcome offer feature is important to players because some will already know of slots games online that they want to play and they will want to play on tried and tested slots that are popular in the slots gaming charts.  But to other players, they use their free spins welcome offers to experience the newest releases which they would otherwise not experience playing. 

100% Deposit Bonus

This is the other common aspect that you will see frequently as part of an online casino welcome offer package.  It is however commonly misunderstood and it frequently disregarded as being uninteresting or unhelpful but this is wrong information.  Actually, what it means is that the first deposit you make will be matched by the casino so to make that even simpler to understand, your credit will be doubled before you’ve even started playing.  Though 100% deposit bonus is the most common, there are 200% and even sometimes 30% deposit bonuses available from online casinos.  There will be a limit on the majority as to the amount of money that the online casino is prepared to double, triple or even quadruple, but this will be made clear to you before you sign up to the online casino in question.