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Most Cringe-Worthy Comic Book Movie Moments, 5-1!

GothCard Batman adn Robin

Welcome back everybody! I’m glad you enjoyed the terrible scenes from the first part of our list, and now for your viewing displeasure, here are numbers five through one! I’d like to thank Troy Dreiling for helping me come up with this list, and I’d also like to curse his name for making me watch these clips again.


I’ve already stated my love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze, but even that film has moments that will make you cringe in horror. Again we go back to dance routines and horrible dialogue. While the four shelltacular turtles battle Tokka and Rahzar, they stumble into a nightclub that just so happens to have Vanilla Ice performing! Of course, being a skilled lyrical champion, he comes up with a rap on the spot revolving around the turtles. They in turn bust out a choreographed dance number and continue to fight the giant mutated monsters. While dancing. It… it really is bad. (I still enjoy this scene though; my editor made me put it on the list!)

When most people think of bad acting, they think of one name, Sylvester Stallone. Yes he gave us Rocky and to a lesser extent, Rambo, but he also brought to life a version of a beloved cult classic anti-hero that was just laughably bad. That’s right, I’m talking about Judge Dredd. He apparently took lessons from the Shatner school of acting, as his delivery is labored and spastic. There are plenty of bad scenes in this film, including one with some very disturbed rednecks; but the scene that stands out the most is the introduction to the character. A massive gang land shoot out in a high rise building brings the Judge to resolve the violence. He lays down the law in his mighty codpiece and proceeds to give them a boring speech which starts with the iconic lines being butchered by Stallone’s slurred, possibly drunken, speech. You know it’s bad when Rob Schneider makes fun of you for it.

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Comments (12)

Troy J-Koi Dreiling

The Batcard had to be number one! There was no other choice. Great list!

Number one is spot on. Everything in that movie is terrible. Bat skates anyone?

James Victor Von Hal

I could have done a top ten just off of Batman And Robin.

lol this list is quite comical. *whips out the Batcard* BAMM!!!

Now all I need are polar bear slippers and my life would be complete.

This whole concept is absolutely brilliant. I look forward to round two of this. I have never seen that deleted scene before that was freaking insane! Why would anyone think that would be good to put in a movie!? Also I have never seen Catwoman so that basketball game is so uncomfortable- well I had to turn it off half way through. Can't wait for more!

There is a round two coming!? I think I just soiled myself.

James Victor Von Hal

Oh I already have plans for the next installment, needless to say, Batman and Robin, and Catwoman will make another appearance.

Fantastic. I'm thinking Ghost Rider can't make it out unscathed.

James Victor Von hal

I would almost dare you to try and sit through Catwoman, but there really isn't anything "fun" about watching that movie. I never though I'd see a movie worse than Batman and Robin until I saw Catwoman.

Wow. Just….. wow. Great list. I could see some moments from the Dolph Lundgren Punisher, some more Crow scenes, the incredibly uncomfortable sex session from History of Violence (and that is one of my favorite flicks) making a second list. Also, if Catwiman were a person and not a film, I'd feed it to a stable of hogs.

I don't care who ya are, the Dance scene in the second Turtles film is always awesome to watch.

James Victor Von Hal

You really can't measure how bad Catwoman is from that clip alone. I mean it's bad, awful even, but that clip doesn't do it the right amount of justice. By justice I mean stupidity.

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