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Movie Review: Left Behind

Left Behind

With the plethora of Hollywood remakes hitting the big screen in the last several years, it is interesting to see a remake of a film that takes a different focus but still holds the star power that most people go to the theater to see. Nicholas Cage and Lea Thompson are two of the stars of this week’s Left Behind, a movie looking at the life of a group of people leading up to and following an apocalyptic event that ushers the world into chaos. Based on a series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and origianlly adapted for the screen back in 2001 starring Kirk Cameron, Left Behind does not ask us to believe in some amazing new world or introduce us to a strange alien race or even some unexplainable natural disaster, it just puts us in the life of normal people and makes us wonder how we would react in a similar situation.

Left BehindNichloas Cage plays Rayford Steele, a commercial airline pilot married to Lea Thompson’s character. Left Behind from Stoney Lake Entertainment and Freestyle Releasing looks at how the world would change when a large part of the population suddenly vanishes, leaving all their personal belongings behind with no explanation. It all boils down to one word… Chaos. Looting, crime, and a complete breakdown of the support systems such as fire, police, and health care as millions of people are injured, lost, and confused by this event.

I really enjoyed the film, as it deals with some deep issues of commitment, honor, and family values that are sometimes absent in a lot of today’s films. The acting was good, not great, but believable in the circumstances. There are times when the actors seem to be sort of playing their own parts without playing off of each other, but that may just be part of the pacing of the beginning of the film. Once the action hits, which is fairly quickly, the film really picks up and things are non-stop till the climactic ending that could definitely set things up to continue this franchise, as there are quite a few more books to adapt, if this is a success.

Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thompson, and Jordin Sparks round out the main cast and play some solid characters. This is one of those movies that I do not want to spoil for you because it really comes down to how you feel about it and what you think would happen, regardless of how you believe it should be or not. From the family bonds, the fear of loss, and the loneliness of being alone, this movie runs the gammut of emotions, right back to the joy of being reunited with a loved one.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Left Behind

Take a look at the trailer for Left Behind, check out their website, and then take a trip to your local theater and check it out this weekend.

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