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Movie Review: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


Continuing my reviews of off the wall horror movies, this next one is really just lots of stupid horror movie cliches shoved together into a movie. What better premise than college kids versus hillbillies?

Tyler Labine (Deadbeat and Reaper) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly) star in this comical dark journey as two hillbillies who have invested all their money in a mountain cabin as their “vacation home”. After a run in at a little gas station with some college kids heading our for a camping trip, they boys continue to their new house. Along the way, they meet the local sheriff who is just a little too creepy.

The whole rest of the movie is a comedy of errors and miscommunication.The college kids are freaked out by the hillbillies, so are constantly afraid, but they decide to go skinny dipping at night. One of the girls, falls off a rock (a clumsy blonde, who woulda thunk) and knocks herself out. Dale and Tucker just happen to be night fishing so Dale jumps in to save her. The kids see this and hear Dale yell that they have her friend, and of course, they freak out thinking they are going to kill her and eat her.

From the dippy girl in stripper shoes to the token black man and woman, this film crosses all the sterotypes, even the preppy kid who turns out to be a psychopath. If you like a good comedy, this one has some great lines and a lot of gory slapstick style moments. And, of course, the underlying plot of the romantic comedy.

Hillbilly meets girl. Hillbilly freaks girl out with creepy giggle and scythe. Hillbilly saves girl but appears to kidnap her. Hillbilly accidentally kills several of girls closest friends, or at least they kill themselves while trying to kill said hillbilly. Hillbilly and girl fall in love and he has to save her from a half-burned pyschopath who turns out to be the one thing that he truly hates.

Overall, a fun romp and a fitting movie to watch when you are in the mood for a few laughs, lots of running through the woods, and a kid jumping headfirst into a woodchipper.

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