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Movie Review: V/H/S 2


Another installment in the movies I watched and wanted to talk about. Last week, I watched V/H/S and actually found it quite entertaining. This week, I thought I would try out the sequel. V/H/S 2 was a similar type of film, but again, had a few twists and turns that I really enjoyed.

The premise behind the individual stories was a couple of private investigators who were looking for a missing college kid. What they find is another spooky house with a bunch of TVs and videotapes scattered throughout. And, of course, some creepy scenes where a random person appears in a doorway.

This time, though, we get a little more insight into what is going on, as the college kid has been making his own film and talks about the videotapes altering brain chemistry. This explains a little about what happened to the guy in the last movie, turning into some sort of zombie monster. So, look for more of that in this film.

The stories are pretty cool, this time. Last movie, we saw a little bit of everything, from humans killing each other to the strange bat lady to some other supernatural weirdness and ghosts. This time, we get to add some cool aliens, demons, and monsters to the mix. There is a really crazy story about a strange cult, a cool story about zombies using a Go-Pro for some really cool camera effects, and the final story about aliens that uses some amazing water shots. There is also the use of button cameras and even a prosthetic eye camera.

A lot of innovation and thought went into these stories and overall I really enjoyed this film, even more than the original. I can tell that the directors and writers enjoyed putting this together, trying some new ideas, and being innovative with camera placements and shots. I would recommend this one to any horror movie enthusiast and just tell you to give it a try and have fun with it.

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