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Movie Review – V/H/S: Viral


Rounding out a franchise review on all three films under the V/H/S title, today I will be telling you about V/H/S: Viral. This one is about, you guessed it, viral videos. Well, at least the underlying story is. Not quite as clear a tie in to the regular stories throughout the film as with the first two movies.

viralJust a quick recap. First, in V/H/S, our underlying tale was of a group of guys breaking into a house to steal a valuable video tape and instead finding a dead guy, a bunch of weird tapes, and more than they bargained for. In V/H/S 2, the story followed a couple of P.I.s that were looking for a missing college kid. They found the familiar collection of tapes and, again, weird stuff.

This new installment takes a different direction as we follow a guy trying to make it big by recording a police car chase through his town. Along the way there are various people impacted by the chase and each seems to spark a different story, but not really clear how they all tie together.

viralThe tale of the magician’s cloak was very interesting, as we delve into the supernatural side of stage magic. Secondly, a mixing of science and the supernatural, as a scientist creates a portal to an alternate reality and meets himself but finds life is very,very different. And a bunch of skateboarders go to Mexico and run into some sort of devil cult. These are just a few of the short videos that you see as the entire city is exposed to this viral videos that literally seem to contain a virus.

I have heard mixed things about the final chapter (so far) in the series, but you really need to check it out for yourself. I liked it, but I admit that it was a bit off from the first two. However, once I realized the trick behind the movie, then it started making sense and it had some really good shorts.

Overall, this was a cool top off to the series. So far, there is no real news about any further films in the series, but it could be interesting. Maybe sometime after the whole “zombie apocalypse” caused by the viral videos someone finds some of the tapes/videos and watches them… Or, maybe, we get a glimpse into the people behind the videos? Or, an entire film told from their perspective and it actually turns out that by releasing these videos they have stopped the world from being destroyed by the Elder Gods… or Smurfs.

Stupid Smurfs ruin everything.


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