Music While Reading Comic Books?

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What do you listen to while reading your comics? Or do you need silence when reading comics?  This topic has come up a few times while talking to other comic book fans. That got me thinking about the preference of the community of comic book fans as a whole.  Let us know in the comments below which you prefer and if you do listen to music what type of music to you enjoy while reading?




As for myself I like music on while I read comics.  I even gone as far as creating stations on various sites just for reading comics.  I’ve found that classical works the best for me and I breeze through my massive weekly mountain of comics.  Basically anything with limited to no vocals in it is my preference.  Other wise I might start singing along with whatever is on, so that would not work.  Without music I tend to read one or two comics and then take a break or watch a video, but with it I read till I’m finished or need something to drink.  So let us know which side of this comic book fence you are on, then go read some more comics!

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Front 242 is my go to any big Grant Morrison Apocaliptic story. Post-Punks like Joy Division, The Cure along with Bauhaus were all part of my early Hellblazer reading days. Lol I like the dark stuff. Ha-Ha!

While reading anything I find listening to non-vocal music is beneficial. Classical is great but I prefer film scores like all the Hans Zimmer scores for Christopher Nolan films or the Cliff Hernandez score for Solaris. Also minaml piano/string stuff like Philip Glass or even Erik Satie is good for low-action stuff.

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