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My Little Pony ‘Star Wars’ Cuties

My LIttle Pony, Star Wars1

My Little Pony figurine modifier and Etsy seller Roogna, is a modification genius! Using Apoxie sculpt, hair revitalization and shaping, paint and creative ‘clothing,’ she manipulates the current stage of the Pony figures, making them her own artsy creation. Her latest work jumps on the Star Wars fandom train, re-working Ponies into adorbs Stormtroopers, Princess Leia, Yoda, Han Solo and even a Chewbacca! The Force is strong with this one!

Roogna also creates My Little Pony styled in Warhammer, Snubbull, Malhaunt, Errosic and many other re-painted and re-haired classic My Little Ponies. Geeky, wonderful and classically nerdy these little guys and gals are a new trend ready to pop!

My LIttle Pony, Star Wars, cover1

My LIttle Pony, Star Wars2

My LIttle Pony, Star Wars3

My LIttle Pony, Star Wars4

My LIttle Pony, Warhammer, cover1

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