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Netflix’s First Comic Book Will Be Mark Millar’s ‘The Magic Order’

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'The Magic Order'

Netflix is adding comic book publishing to their ever-increasing library of content and influence.  Netflix’s first comic book will be a six issue mini-series by Mark Millar called ‘The Magic Order’.

'The Magic Order'

Earlier this year (August to be exact), around the same time that Disney announced it was parting ways with OTT streaming service Netflix to focus on their own streaming beginning in 2019, came the announcement that Netflix had acquired “Millarworld, the comic book publishing powerhouse founded by Mark Millar”. 

Speculation immediately abounded as to what properties in the Millarworld catalog would be adapted for Netflix original content. But the flip side of this, and something I spoke of at the time, was that now Netflix had a means to further the content they’ve already created in print media and in comic book form.

Want a Stranger Things comic book? How about Narcos? Did you like Castlevania or the new season of Voltron: Legendary Defender? With access to Mark Millar’s company and their highly-successful experience in the industry, Netflix has a perfect way to seque in to creating their own comic book content now. This will be available via Diamond in comic book shops all over as well as being available in a digital format.

Up first and set for release in Spring of 2018 will be a six issue miniseries from Mark Millar called ‘The Magic Order’. It will be written by Mark Millar himself with artwork by Oliver Coipel.  The book will follow five different families that live in our modern world but are users of magic. It will deal with how they interact with our world, covertly protecting humanity from threats we can not fathom, it will deal with the mystic and arcane. But there is someone out there who starts murdering them, forcing them to come out of the shadows and its up to them to figure out the mystery before they all die.

Millar commented on this project;

“We wanted to make a splash with our first book for Netflix and this is it. I love dark fantasy and there’s an enormous gap in the market for something like this. Netflix hiring Olivier has also made me the happiest guy alive. I’ve been after him for almost ten years so to finally have our names in the same book is an absolute honour”

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