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New “Green Arrow” Fan Film is Awesome!

Green Arrow Fan Film

With the popularity of comics in TV shows and movies, fan films are showing up with better production value than ever. This week, we spotlight a great new short based on the CW show Arrow. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Is this as good as the show? Then take a look at some cool pics from the team behind this short.

Really great work from the team at Club Cosplay. This is their first Cosplay Short and hopefully the first of many.

Cosplay Shorts: Green Arrow

Graphic by SkyKnight Designs (…)

Edited/Directed by: Sean C. Swanson

Filmed by: Killers & Company

Written by: Colin K. Bass


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow – Colin K. Bass

Fake Katana – Brian Danque

Green Arrow costume by

Green Arrow mask by TigerStoneFX


Check out some cool behind the scenes pics:

green arrow green arrow green arrow green arrow green arrow green arrow

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