New Comic Booked Column: Picks of the Week

I am proud to announce that we here at Comic Booked will be introducing a new column called Picks of the Week. Many other comic-related news sites do this sort of thing, so I figured we should get in on this as well.

The idea behind the Picks of the Week column is to showcase what the staff here at Comic Booked think are the best books of the week that money can buy. Why spend your money on what could potentially be a terrible comic, when you can wait til the end of the week and see what the best of the best is? Granted, it all comes down to a matter of taste and opinion, but I believe you can count on us to be proprietors of good taste.

What the column will consist of is a short 50-100 word blurb from each staff member who plans to contribute to the column about why that comic is the best of the week over all of the others. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with our audience, and feel free to tell us your picks in the comments section.

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