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NEW Force of Will: The Millennia of Ages

force of will

The Fourth official set for the Force of Will card game, “The Millennia of Ages”, will be released mid-July and from the few previews we’ve seen the set is looking powerful. Thus far we’ve seen new support for three arch types; Sages, Were-rabbits, and Cthulhu. We’ll take it in parts.

The Sages arch type was introduced in “The Moon Priestess Returns” with Fiethsing, Zero, and Etna. Fiethsing and Zero introduced the new ability [Flash] allowing the user to cast these resonators at any time an instant could be played. Etna, although not printed with [flash], brought new competitive capability to the table with her [Awakened] and [Continuous] ability. Her [Awakened] ability reads that she the controller can pay X amount of mana to lock down X amount of resonators. Her [Continuous] ability reads as long as she remains on the field the resonators targeted by her first ability cannot recover during the recovery phase. They were interesting but now quite enough to carry their own deck until this upcoming set when we’ll be given “Almerius, The Magus of Light”, “Kaguya, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”, “Shining Bamboo”, and “Zero, The Flashing Mage-Warrior”. Their effects revolve around the use of counters. Counters, in this use of the word, are just a way to keeping track of a quantity of something else. The new cards gain counters whenever a sage enters the field. They collect and remove counters in order to activate effects. They can draw you cards, stop damage, banish other resonators, and tap resonators.

Were-rabbits were introduced throughout set G1 and G2. They are female rabbit samurai’s built around a gracefully aggressive mix of parallel effects. They fly, return resonators to the hand, cycle through the deck, and redirect oncoming threats. In G4 “Oracle of Tsukuyomi” comes to join the fight. She requires one blue mana to summon. When she is sent to the graveyard from the field you can reveal the top card of your deck and if it’s a were-rabbit put it onto the field otherwise put into the graveyard. I see this card as a fallen samurai reaching out for her fellow warriors. The other two releases that were shown are spells. “Moon incarnation” is a one mana spell that searches out moon additions and has an [awakening] cost of 2 mana to play a moon card from hand. “Transparent moon” is a two mana field addition that locks down already tapped true stones. These are really powerful cards that will help were-rabbit players keep up a strong field and continue to hold back their opponents while they race their way to the top!

Cthulhu’s were introduced in G1 and G2, but were given competitive capability in G3. We were given the grand ruler “Fiend of Dark Pyre/Nyarlathotep, the Faceless God” who draws power from surrounding Cthulhu resonators. The deck is a reanimation deck that works off of fallen and risen Cthulhu creatures. The new support gives us better ways to cheat out threatening monsters and give our opponents a bigger push back by the darkness. Keep in mind how generic these effects are, making them easy to combine with any deck. First we have the Eibon pair. “Eibon, the mage” is a 2 mana resonator that can pay 3 mana to deduct power from a resonator and for one mana activate his [awakening] effect to search the deck for “book of Eibon”. “Book of Eibon” is an addition that brings back a resonator from either player’s graveyard and places it on the caster’s field. They are bonded together so when the addition is taking off the field so is the resonator. This is a game changing effect that allows you to utilize your opponent’s cards. “Nyarlathotep, the Usurper” is a 4 mana resonator that can also be brought out by banishing two resonators, instead of paying it mana cost. Upon entry it allows you to look at your opponents hand and discard a card from it. Another card that can heavily hinder your opponent. Lastly we’ll look at “Dark Pulse”, an instant that for four mana wipes the field of resonators with a cost of 2 or less.

A lot of people are already working on making their old decks stronger and new decks more competitive, so what are you guys interested in building?

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